Hi there! I'm Ara. I'm 23, bi, a dog groomer, and I love a lot of things. I'm not on too often but don't ever be afraid to say hi.~

I also have a tumblr.
My Tumblr~

I post a ton of s**t like Homestuck, Kingdom Hearts, anime, other video games, cute animals, stuff like that.

About me:
Here's some stuff about me:

-Currently watching: nothing, whoops

-Currently loving:
Fire Emblem: Awakening&Mass Effect
-I love anime, video games, dogs, music
Kingdom Heartsfan

This is me:

[align=center]My Motto

Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, listening to music, tumblr, watching anime, buncha other stuff

I also draw! You can find my art blog on tumblr at laughinginferno.tumblr.com

Here's some examples of my art (it's mostly Homestuck not gonna lie):

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to message me!~ <3


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Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^ <3

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Poke poke

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Thank you for that video on your profile because you got me motivated to read Homestuck further than just the beginning. You started my obsession. Thank you!! heart

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thanks for buying

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I used gaia online's interests search to find fans of Persona 4, and your profile came up. I hope I'm not intruding by any means in sending this message. I apologise if this has come off as an annoyance.

In honour of the soon-to-be released Persona 4 anime and new games, my friends and have re-opened our Persona 4 roleplaying forum. It's newly opened, so many canons are still available for grabs and we hope to meet many few friends here. I've included the link to our forum below and I hope that you consider stopping by and giving us a try.

Thank you for your time~

- Realm of Shadows Admin

Princess Tessa of Sailand

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Princess Tessa of Sailand

Random comment!

I was attracted to your profile by your very Doctor Who signature. I heart Matt Smith. Also, your avatar is very cool. 3nodding

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Poke! hi hiiii~!!! whee
Kake Kiligh Hellwinter

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Kake Kiligh Hellwinter

Fish. WOO!
Kake Kiligh Hellwinter

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Kake Kiligh Hellwinter

l Okumura Rin l

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l Okumura Rin l

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Oh, hello there and thanks. I really do appreciate your words and am glad that you like them all.


Questing: Demon King
I love Homestuck, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, and an assload of books, anime, and video-games.