I smilies/icon_heart.gif okapis! They are the fabulous cousins of the giraffe and live in the Congo, where they sneak around being silent and avoiding everything. They have a cuddly velvet coat of dark browns and reds up top, a strikingly white face, and party stripes down below. They were first discovered by modern man between 1900 and 1901, but their prehistoric ancestors, the shansitherium, had been around five to seven million years ago. Though these "short giraffes" (that were much, much larger than modern okapi) were thought to have gone extinct, it is my theory that they merely hid from extinction, as they continue to do so today. If you think these guys have no business being so awesome, but want to support them anyway, check out The Okapi Conservation Project and/or it's mission to Help Stop Slash and Burn Farming in the Congo.

So, I guess that was really more about okapis than myself. Second try!

These days, the Breedables / Changables subforum is my nest that eats all of my time and gold. But that's okay, because it's full of adorable characters and adorable people. Old lurking spots are the Q&A and Exchange, to which I rarely return anymore because I'm a forum-hermit. I still adore all of the friends I made in them, of course. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Oh yeah, and I'm rather quiet n' scared of people.

IT'S NOT A TYPO of dragon or dragoon or even dragqueen. (I love that last one, though, lul.) I've gotten quite a pile of comments on "Drageen" over the years. Yes, years. My online name came up around 1999 during sessions of whacky, impromptu roleplay on a chat network called "SPiN." (It still exists today, but... it's really not worth much anymore.) There, it was a regular occurrence to have a title, then a species. Well, I rather wanted to be a dragon, but those are so VERY LARGE. I would have squished my Jedi friends. Thus, "drageen". It was eventually accepted by everyone to be a smaller than average dragon. smilies/icon_xd.gif She has evolved to have a much more human/anthro state. MYSTERY REVEALED HOMG! Onward to persona like things.

Aqua is something of a human with the soul of a dragon, along with a few parts. (Again, the original species termed "drageen." Not touching that otherkin stuff.) Here on Gaia she can take on two forms: mostly human appearance and a light anthro state (dragon-like feet, a tail, horns).The few abilities Aqua has retained are listed below.

Shapeshifting: transforming between her human and light anthro appearance, the latter of which can breath plumes of snowy air or ice
Snow Summon: allows control over her element in a more human form
Exorcism: (with camera) has the ability to exorcise ghosts from an area for a period of time.
Lobster Wrangling..? : I'm not sure anyone knows, but she somehow does it.

B/C ICly, she owns a little critter ranch-thing in a valley, where some of her pets live, if not having a home in their own particular shop settings. Her preferred traveling mount is an otherwise slothly siira named Axel. He may be slow, but once he gets there so help him he'll destroy you. Eventually.

-- pixel okapi done by Daisy Chubb [Tip Top Pixel Shop]
-- the flash in zee multimedia section originally snagged from AlbinoBlackSheep.com and I didn't make it, yo


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