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This is my story:
A lonely child finished his snowman, and then fell into the snow. He smiled, and waved his arms and legs. Standing up, he wished for a friend. As he went inside, my spirit was placed into a snow angel, and I stood up. I was just a cold, confused little girl, white as the snow I was freezing in. The boy's parents saw me outside, brought me a coat to cover up in, and carried me into their home. His mother checked me for frostbite and brought me some of the boy's pajamas to dress in. They called the police station to see if anyone was looking for me, but found no one. Meanwhile, the boy and I were smiling at each other, and we began to play together. When two officers came to take me away, the boy began to cry, and said that I was the friend he wished for.
As fate would have it, I was adopted by the little boy's barren neighbor, who loved me as their own. I was named Rose, after Christmas roses, which can bloom even in the snow. I was delighted to find that my first friend, whose name was Colton, still lived next door. We were inseparable friends for many years, and eventually we grew up, fell in love, and got married. We live very happily, because we always have a friend in the other.

If you want to know about the real me, send me a PM and we can chat! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Have a wonderful day!


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vampy_shibli Report | 10/16/2014 11:22 am
lol its like every1 else = w=
ppl who have only 1 term have taken summer school twice eue
vampy_shibli Report | 10/16/2014 5:25 am
srry? eue
4 what? e ue
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 8:00 pm
not really e ue
few ppl dont have a 2nd term e ue
they get a 7 months vacation e ue
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 7:31 pm
i would only have 3 subjects in the 2nd term razz
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 7:29 pm
last year in highschool e ue
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 7:18 pm
ima go 2 school in 45 minutes or so e ue
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 6:53 pm
lol i dont even know = w=
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 6:29 pm
i still feel all random around u e ue
probably cuz it what made u add me x3
vampy_shibli Report | 10/15/2014 6:20 pm
happiness haters :3
kitty_358 Report | 10/15/2014 1:18 pm
did u get it?


My love and I:

(Thanks Lorie Bluteau~)
I am currently questing happiness.
I love random PMs and gifts, they help me be distracted, which is what happy has been lately..
Also, if you would like a gift, go here




Birthday: 04/24


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cch455 (Colton)- The reason I smile. We are together in real life.