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Welcome to my store, and thank you very much for your purchase if you have made one.

Please do note I will not return mispriced items or outfits UNLESS CONTACTED WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM PURCHASE If you do not, I may have already sold off the item.

If you do manage to get me in time, I will return the mispriced item/outfit, but, I would like all the gold I paid for it back.

Do not PM me about donating or lowering my prices~

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Aphelia Bene
Damien Givardi


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Hello dear reader and welcome to my profile. My name is Aphelia the vampire, but you can call me aphelia, alpha, aphy or any other wacky name you can think of. I love helping people, and usually make free banners for threads. I run a cupcake shop to raise gold for my current quest, which you'll find in my signature.

A little more about me: I a 19 year old female from New Zealand. I enjoy reading, writing, messing around with gimp, role playing with people I trust, vampires, stationary, certain games like Sims and LBP. Paramore is one of my favorite bands, but I also enjoy other types of music. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask me~

aphelia the vampire

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Last Login: 05/06/2015 8:13 pm

Registered: 03/25/2010

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/20

Occupation: Poor person


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Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 8:16 pm
Finally Fantastical
Indeed this excess amount of items transcends the stars and is limitless in its capacity! It is truly awe inspiring to see!

Of course, as long as the helping has occurred and you are happy with the item then that is all that matters! I am seeing you lose your voice if the continual screaming occurred, yes.
You are welcome! You don't have to rush with it though, take your time and the sleep and alertness is needed as well! So make sure you have a lot of that as well!
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 7:20 pm
Finally Fantastical
Hmm.. I can just see all the tears that would be shed from the losing of the account!
Sweet merciful mother of meat, all those excess items and on two different accounts! You are like the banks for the items on Gaia and the deposits are made daily from every item you gain!

I'm sure you will, the lasting of the excitement usually ends after a couple days or so, but I am understanding this yes! I think that is also a good thing as well, since the screaming at the sight of your avatar everyday would be tiring and make you want to change after a while!
Ah yes, this is perfect then! Don't worry my friend, the screen capping shall occur and the removal of the background shall be so you are able to distinguish the avatar fully!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It actually looks better with the background, now that I see it as just the avatar wahaha!
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 11:48 am
Finally Fantastical
That wouldn't be good at all! I guess its better to be safe than sorry!
Oh that's true, I had almost forgotten about them! So you are having two times the storage capacity in case you become more overflooded with the items!

Ahaha.. not really, I just like assisting the friends! Woah, so early with the time zones and all! But having the art of the avatar would be wonderful, I would like that very much and your effort would be much appreciated!
But the rest is needed now, yeah? Sleep well!
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 11:27 am
Finally Fantastical
You could, but I'm pretty sure all the other people who are having the avatars like that don't bother really.
The collection is outgrowing you, there's always the dumpster dive or the giveaways if you are needing to rid of the unwanted items! But then.. I am knowing you are the great horder of the items, so that will be difficult hmm..

Ahahaha! I am glad to have helped! Now your avatar is looking even better and is closer to what you are wanting to achieve! You just need the reverse clouds now, if only there were listings for it..
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 11:04 am
Finally Fantastical
I see them all the time in CB though! You should be fine, not much worrying can come from an alluring demoness! ...for the most part at least wahaha!
Sweet merciful mother of meat, that is a lot of gates to be opening though.. but at least you are having one of all the items yes? The collection grows bigger as a result and more green for you to organize!

Looks like the wishing of luck worked! Check your invo!
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/05/2015 9:54 am
Finally Fantastical
The banning? Nonsense, it is looking perfectly fine yes!
Indeed it was, the mystery of the items to be obtained along with the many gates to be opened made it a fun little experience to enjoy! But you had the purchasing of 100 more and didn't get that much good items out of it? I am seeing, I shall not buy more then, my friend!

Ah, such expensive the first one is having and the other item doesn't even have any listings! I am wishing you luck then with these!
White Rider Pestilence Report | 05/05/2015 8:51 am
White Rider Pestilence
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/04/2015 4:30 pm
Finally Fantastical
I see I see, I am remembering it with the leg pose that you had gotten that day from the friend and wanted to test it out to its fullest potential!
Aha, this is good then. The making of 3bil on each shall be plentiful.. well not really, but the profit is still gained!
Doubles I gained indeed! I still need to check on the other items I got and their listings, but I would say these gates are helping out quite a bit! I guess I shall not spend more on the Gates then, I'm pretty much content with what I have now haha

Also I see that you have most of your witch avatar you showed me before, this is excellent!
MageQueenHoshi Report | 05/03/2015 10:58 am
YAY purpleeeee~! emotion_bigheart
Finally Fantastical Report | 05/02/2015 11:04 am
Finally Fantastical
You are constantly needing the changing, otherwise the hunger lets loose and withdrawal occurs!
Are they rare? I never checked the MP to see how much they are going for, but I guess it would be nice to make some profit off of, yes. The coverage is always good, luckiness you are having!
Thanks! I didn't know what to expect, so getting multiples of them was kinda surprising!

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