The Turret Guide to Successful Negotiations v1.0

"The turret is here to make a profit for herself, but that does not mean she is set in her ways and unwilling to negotiate with test subjects for a better business experience. If the turret possesses an item that the test subject wants, test subjects may open negotiations following a few simple guidelines."

Acceptable Negotiation Tactics:
Haggling for Price Reductions: The turret is happy to lower the price of an item by a small margin of 2% - 10% on items in the higher price ranges. Asking for any more may make the turret angry and the test subject may be executed on the spot.

Wishlist Item Trades: If a test subject does not have the gold required to buy an item the turret possesses, the test subject may attempt to offer the turret ONE ITEM OF EQUAL VALUE FROM HER WISHLIST. Depending on how much the turret wants the item, the offer may be gladly accepted or politely rejected. The turret will not always accept item trades, if she values the gold more at the time of offering. If the turret rejects your item, do not attempt further offering.

Catching Misprices: The turret is not fully functional or capable like her sisters. If the turret misprices an item, the test subject is free to keep the item as it is the fault of the turret for not being more observant. However, the test subject should be graceful about it and not gloat about it. It will hurt the simulated feelings of the turret.

Unacceptable Negotiation Tactics:
Asking for Freebies: The turret needs to make money too. Any item she is willing to part with is for the purpose of obtaining gold. The turret does not possess actual emotions and does not care or sympathize with test subject sob stories. If test subjects try to appeal to the softer side of the turret, they will fail.

Item Reservations: Item reservations will not be accepted. If you cannot afford the item at the time, the turret is not obligated to reserve her item for any test subject (no matter how famous or well-known) when there may be another buyer who can buy right away.

Huge Price Cuts: Do not ever ask the turret for a discount over 10%. If the turret is selling an item for x millions and the test subject asks to buy the item at x thousands or x hundred thousands, the test subject will be promptly disposed of.

Keeping the Turret Waiting: The test subject is expected to pay swiftly after an offer is accepted. Once the turret has taken the item out of her shop and put it into trades, the test subject will have TEN HOURS to offer on the trade. If the trade is not offered on after ten hours, the item will be placed back in the shop of the turret for another test subject to buy.

Falsifying Offers Made to the Turret: Test subjects are required to possess the necessary gold or items BEFORE they open negotiations. Test subjects are highly discouraged from making offers and then rushing to sell items to obtain the gold. The turret does not have a large amount of simulated patience and prefers transactions to be completed in a quick and time efficient manner.


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