Very lightly, rain drops are falling
A rumbling from the sky sounding,
Near to a growl as every person is running for cover.
Every one but me, as I lift my head up high and close my eyes.
Some days like these when the rain never stops coming
Some days like these when I feel the skies pain as it thunders
All the worries that bind me disappear, and I'm home again.

Vanessa / 17 / Senior
I do not like long walks on the beach because my feet end up freezing and I would much rather read a lengthy book.
I do, on the other hand, love staring out windows and looking at the way the tree breezes and how birds have a tendency of flying in circles.
I even like music when I'm stuck in my thoughts trying to dissect every little spec that surrounds me.

Hard to understand and beyond your typical wannabe straight-A student,

Know me, or don't, it's completely your choice.

Just keep this in mind though before you do go and probably never come back again.

Some days, while you are listening to your music, or having your back to the people you love, when you do find yourself wanting to disappear or shatter to nothing but pieces for someone to find,
Make yourself remember you are worthy; worthy to be alive and worthy to keep on living
I get that you are serious about your life having the inability to change or be any better than it is but,
Let those demons drown even when you doubt they can and remember you were born for a reason, and yes you have every right to cry and shout and curse every damn soul on earth that you wish could pay or KNOW what it means to want to die or sleep forever
Even if it meant hating yourself in the end but listen to me will you? Don't let a bad day, week, month or year make you believe your whole life will never be able to escape your nightmares and pain. Because it will get better. Soon.

Maybe not this soon or a second closer
Yes, but even still, don't let the bad define everything and everyone. Including yourself.

Don't be the next individual that died or gave up before knowing they could have won the fight if they kept on pushing.
Every word I write may sound stupid, repetitious and lame but I mean it.
Always you should never have to think that you shouldn't be alive, have any worth and is an eyesore because believe me, that isn't true. None of it is!
Right this moment, tired could be the only thing you could be feeling and I get it. Truly, I do because sleep is peace and peace makes the pain go away. But that isn't the answer!

So do me this favor. When you look at the mirror or find your thoughts ready to strangle you, smile. Because even if it may not seem like much now, it'll get better. Everything will. You have to remind yourself, you are you and you are beautiful, handsome, worthy, alive and LOVED.

So smile, and let those doubts, those thoughts go away because you are not alone no matter how many times you made yourself believe you are.

I promise, things will get better. They will.