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Birthday: 01/06

Occupation: Student


❀ f l o w e r _ g i r l ❀

hola, beautifuls!
i'm just going to list stuff about me that you should know.
just the little things of course.

if you happen to find me a rather interesting individual, hmu then.
if you happen to find me rather weird and, whatever other vocabulary word, idk what to tell ya. jus' be friendly, otay..

now, let's move on shall we? (」゜ロ゜)」
☑ i'm a girl
☑ Eri Chan, Umasos, and ZeroBun are my sistarrrs
☑ i'm very competitive
☑ people who take my food are enemies i must slayyy
☑ i don't like people touching my things without permission
☑ i'm civil as long as you are
☑ guy parts traumatize me
☑ i like to write short stories and poems from time to time
☑ i dream about traveling the world one day
☑ i hate full chocolate and jasmine tea
☑ i'm mexican
☑ i kicked a guy in the balls in 4th grade
☑ i hate getting in trouble, i always get chills crawling up my back
☑ i always turn red when it's hot, when I get embarrassed or when I get mad
☑ i like reading no no books 'cause, yeah.
☑ i like learning about different cultures and languages. it's interesting to me~
☑ manga is my life
☑ korean dramas make me happy
☑ i feel even happier when i listen to my music
☑ every time i'm about to send someone a message of any kind, i have to re-read it because I feel like I didn't write it correctly
☑ i'm a bundle of complication
☑ i get dramatic sometimes
☑ i like taking pictures
☑ there are times i doubt if individuals truly exist and if they are a figment of my imagination
☑ i'm lame

the more you know ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ


Eri Oana

My fwamily <3