❝ Vanessa ❞

        She's complicated, and typically thinks herself to silence.
        Despite the fact that she is drained from social interactions, you can find her keeping to herself most of the time. Sure, she does have friends, talks to them, and tries to have a laugh or two but other than that, she's caught lingering in her own little world. She's somewhat depressed and doesn't like too much affection directed towards her. A hug or two is suffice enough, not five in a single day. Her head directs her mostly to what she should be saying and how to connect with everyone. Whether it's noted well or not, she easily feels left out and tends to fall behind at times. Her favorite thing to do is read books, and star gaze. Music helps, even if they are depressing kinds. Unable to stand being ignored, or yelled at for that matter, you can find her trying to keep busy or to herself really. Hard worker, somewhat ambitious and an 'over achiever', Vanessa has to get things done. She hates feeling depended on sometimes but, loves to help. The similarities between herself online and in person is that she overthinks-a lot, too much for her own good. Even if the question requires a simple answer, she'll write and re-write her response until it seems 'right' and 'okay'. Who knows. This Vanessa is hard to understand, to herself most because the way she feels is hard to distinguish. One things for sure though, she just wants to let go.


Aoki Mie

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Birthday: 01/06

Occupation: Student