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the girl you see is indeed I.

my name is Vanessa and I am currently a senior in high school.
I also have no kick-a** nickname for you to know soo c;

I am a female,
I just simply genderbendered my avatar because i'm cool like that.

I am not asian, I'm mexican.
I just happen to love korean dramas, manga and good music.

you can follow my ;
tumblr here
poetry blog here
wattpad here

if you're interested in having me do your art, here is my two samples i'm only proud of right here and here. if you don't want a chibi, don't worry. I do more than cute, i go anime-y <3

I may not be a poet but I rhyme a lot.
There are even a bunch of poetry books I bought
you know, to learn.

lols kthxbye

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