Who is I?

I is Vanessa

19 // Student // Poet

I was born on January 06, 1997. Currently, I am attending SJDC as a freshman college student. I like to write short stories and poems from time to time. My friends know me as picky, quiet, and somewhat confusing. I haven't watched Korean Drama in awhile, but I will alwayssss love it. A wanderer in life, I'm just trying to piece my whole life together. You can hardly find me lurking anywhere because I hardly go on; however, on the rare occasions that I do go on gaia, I end up in the Dumpster, feeding my fish, and checking out GTPAY forums. Anyhow, nice to meet you ish. Feel free to message me, just know it may take me awhile to get to it since, well, I come and go.


❝Emptiness is not permanent, it just feels that way❞

Current Song Stuck in My Head


I'm just going to leave this here