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    So, until I have more time on my hands, this will be my current profile~

    Well, shall I begin?
    I'm a fairly young teen that lives in California. I'm Asian: full Chinese. I have extremely high expectations for myself and crazy aspirations with it. I have many dreams I hope to accomplish and a long way to get there.

    My one biggest wish? I wish to fly. No, not fly in an airplane or helicopter or anything remotely close to a vehicle or machine. Actual flying—like a bird—with wings. Impossible isn't it? I believe so too, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to that much more.

    I can be painfully shy and at a different time be a bit opposite of that. Mostly, it's only when I am with friends that I can be comfortable enough to do so. I love laughing comme des fous "like a fool" and making stupid, idiotic nicknames and words to repeat until it gets old and I move on to something else.

    I would like to believe that I'm a late bloomer, like Mulan who in the end, turns into a beautiful flower. I aspire to have a glowing aura beaming like the sun and invisible wings that sometimes reflect off the sunlight.

    I absolutely despise aging. I sometimes worry excessively--even towards trivial things. I'm insanely indecisive and would rather agree with what the majority chooses rather than make an actual decision. I like to be right and I hate to lose. I have value what is right and abhor being wrongfully accused. I hate chat speak with a passion. Illiteracy makes me cringe. People who are unreasonable make me angry.

    I wish I was braver; a person that could do things head-on without doubts that could hold me back. Sometimes, I feel I can do just that. Yet, the moment is fleeting, a mere slightness of courage that quickly passes. I'm trying...but sometimes I'm afraid to...Perhaps, someday, I will...

    I love music. I love its resonating notes and its catchy beats. I have a weird knack for remembering lyrics, the names of songs, and sometimes the song itself.
    I'm infatuated with any pop, instrumental music and piano music. I play the violin and wish I could also play the piano, xylophone and other instruments that sound pretty.

    I love the sky, the color, the clouds—everything. If you looked in my camera, I have a ton of pictures of just the sky. I always seem to be looking up and smiling like an idiot. And when it's night, I stare just the same. I stare at the stars that shine and glimmer and then even the airplane lights I at first believe to be stars as well. I adore the fall weather with its cool winds that dance around you and the gorgeous tree leaves with their orange, red and yellow hues—the ones that fall to the ground and swirl around your feet as you step on them with a crisp crunch.

    I read—ALOT. I used to read whatever I found but over the years, I've grown more picky about what I read. I hate weak heroines and would easily ditch the book in favor of another. I devour shoujo manga and Young Adult romance novels as if I could not live with out it.

    Hey, Gaia FAMFAM, ILY TO DEATH. < 333

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