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These are my three best friends. I've known these girls for a while now and they're awesome, take my word for it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!


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Metal Dance Report | 03/17/2014 7:50 pm
Metal Dance
We really miss you Anzu. Please come back....
Tenshi of the Darkness22 Report | 01/29/2014 5:14 pm
Tenshi of the Darkness22
Kora (Andromeda) and I really miss you, Anzu. We fear the worst.. Nothing bad could have happened to you, right? You're just having some tough times I'm sure. You'll come back to us... I hope you see this and do.. I miss you sis...
Metal Dance Report | 10/10/2013 7:55 pm
Metal Dance
I'm fearing the worst Anzu... I doubt you'll ever see this... I miss you...
Tenshi of the Darkness22 Report | 07/13/2010 2:13 pm
Tenshi of the Darkness22
I miss you sis D: when are you going to come back!!!???
Metal Dance Report | 02/16/2010 2:26 pm
Metal Dance
I'd love to say it's goin' great, but... there's this Transformer figure I want really badly, a Leader Class Ultra Magnus.... and I have it on hold at K-Mart.... AND I SOMEHOW NEED TO SCRATCH UP FIFTEEN BUCKS TO PAY WHAT'S LEFT OF THE FEE AND IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!!!! crying

Nah, I'm not interested in sports, BUT PLEASE LOG ON LATER! crying
theo raeken Report | 01/31/2010 10:58 pm
theo raeken
oh,hi biggrin
StardustCherub Report | 01/31/2010 3:45 pm
I'm ok, I haven't been on Gaia a whole lot. James is doing really well, he's got a desire to go into medical school. I'm cheering him on. I don't talk to Andromeda anymore. She was stressing me out way to much. I prayed, naturally, I asked the Lord for help, and He removed me from the situation, I guess it was a problem I didn't have to deal with anymore. She can go on the way she likes, I stopped directing my prayers at her long ago, those have gone to James, who, I have told recently that I do pray for him, and he thanked me. He needs them and appreciates them. So I kinda figured that there was nothing left for me to do, but remove her from my contacts. She was by far the worst acquaintance I have ever had in my 21 years of life. I do hope she wakes up soon, but then I'm not a friend of hers now am I wink ? It's time to move on. I have things to do, events to prepare for and dreams to accomplish. I have a feeling that I might be getting married within the next year, and so does my mother and my aunt and most of my friends.(Which is scary)

How are you doing btw? If you want to ever talk to me you have my email, it'd be easier to contact me that way.
Metal Dance Report | 01/27/2010 7:01 pm
Metal Dance
Well you did! rofl *nerd for noticing*

I HAVEN'T ENTERED NERD-DOM, I've simply discovered where my home is; on peace-loving Cybertron~ Land of the metal moons~ *G1 Transformers joke*

We went smooth for a bit, but I finally got fed up with her and decided I want nothing to do with her.

AWW! BYE~! crying
Metal Dance Report | 01/27/2010 6:59 pm
Metal Dance
I might just do just that. xd And yeah, my teachers call me Kora because it's easier to say for the ones who haven't known me that long. My History teachers uses it the most.

I miss them too... the good ol' days...

You should watch Generation One Transformers, or read the original comics. They'll do more talking than I can ever do. The only thing is in Beast Machines Transformers, the fourth generation on the timeline, this computer called the Oracle told Optimus Primal (I told you about him) that the reason him and his team fought in the Beast Wars was because it wanted to bring organic life back to Cybertron and it turns out Cybertron had an organic core, which is a little buggy because that would mean only one thing; PRIMUS IS A TECHNO-ORGANIC!

Damn, I'm talking more than Blurr now! gonk
Metal Dance Report | 01/27/2010 6:52 pm
Metal Dance
HAHAHA! You have NO IDEA how close you sounded to Bumblebee when you said that. rofl

Anyways, he said, "I don't believe I've ever met another bot named Zippy, so one can only assume you came up with Zippy in reference to my speed WHICH may be acturate but lacks a certain creativity." Then "MORE to the point, the name is Blurr. I'm an Autobot intelligence agent sent to this planet by the Elite Guard to keep an eye on Optimus Prime and his crew as well as monitor the Decepticon activity. AND YOU my friend, have ruined (something like that) -I don't get this part-, designed to uncover Megatron's plans when I had hacked into a signal between Megatron and an unknown double agent who were planning kidnap an unknown Autobot and by the looks of the ground situation it appears to have been successful, got that so far?" xd *nerd for knowing this*

I might be able to tell Anna, but Sarah... no. stare


Thank you Zalantra!!! <3




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Metal Dance on 10/21/2016
Anzu the Great
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Metal Dance

Ladies and gentleman, the look I'm going for! *drum roll* Ta da!


I cost 423,122 gold! OwO


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