Hello lovelies!

I'm the one and only Anzen Hatsukoi but just call me Anzen! I was born in America. Where your wondering(if not then that's ok) Well I was born in the state that looks like a hand/mitt. Can you guess it? Hint hint: We're almost completely surrounded by water!

The answer is: Michigan! Yes, Michigan. I was born in the state with the most bipolar weather I've ever experienced! And no that isn't meant as a joke, I'm a hundred percent serious about this.

Anyway! More about me! I love art and music, and culture, and anything interesting and new! I'm currently trying my hand at making gfxs. So far I'm only really good at L-Shaped gfxs but I'm slowly getting better at main graphics. To add onto that note when it comes to rping I'm semi lit depending on how much I've been given to work with. Though if your a person that can write a mini novel as a minimum please...don't ask to rp with me.. I can't read all that and stay concentrated on just that. I like long posts but not that long.. please no I beg you. Though I also hate one liners especially the ones that are like "-holds hand- how r u bby? -kisses cheek-" No! No! No! Never ever will I ever do an rp like that! Nooooooo!

I love K-pop and Asian culture! SHINee, Big Bang, Exo-K, Eric Nam, Block B, Royal Pirates, and TVXQ are a few among my favorites. If you know any K-pop groups please suggest them to me.. I'd love you forever! No lie. I like J-pop and a few none popish artist like Kanon Wakeshima and On/Off. I'll also love you forever if you give me new Japanese bands/artist to listen to! Feed my obsession!

I dream of going to Korea and learning the language later on, right now I'm in my third year of Japanese. Which I take for 2 reasons! One, because Korean is closer to Japanese then other languages and 2 because I want to go to Japan badly! I love the Japanese with their cute adorable fashion which is a bit different as Korea is more... how should I say.. American like(?). That's probably the wrong wording but the two styles of both countries are just so, so awesome!! I love it and the people!

I'm an American mix, not sure what else to call myself, this means I'm half Caucasian and half African American with Cherokee roots. Though this is just a very broad generalization of what I am. I'm a non-straight girl. I say this because I have no idea what to call myself. Nothing really appeals to me when it comes to what I am, I am me! If you don't like that please exit my life and this profile. I don't need those who are closed-minded to other people in my life. We're all human, we're all composed of the same thing: Protein and genes. What makes us different is personality. Last time I remembered having character is a good thing. So why can't we just except each other? I get it that different things are scary but life is scary and its hella easier with friends.

With that said, I love people! I really do! The only way I'm not going to like you is if you insult me, my friends, or others for no reason. Everyone deserves respect, and to add on that note I like being shown respect. Meaning I show you respect I expect respect back! I'm not here to please you, nor are you here to please me, we are not each others things, so let's just get along please. Another way to get on my nerves is to be constantly complaining about you life and what not, besides always having a negative view on things. I have gone off n people for this. I'm a happy person I try to spread the love but if you're constantly drawing me down I will cut ties with you until you accept the fact that not everyone wants to through you a pity party. (Gosh that sounds mean doesn't it?)

One more way to get the snap, this is the thing that I can honestly not stand and if you do this never talk to me just to save yourself the trouble. I hate backstabbers who I or anyone puts their butt on the line for you and then you go and just talk crap about them or you just disrespect them completely. We're doing this because we like you, and I don't tolerate those who tae advantage of that. You sir/miss can go die in a hole kindly. Sorry but I'm not sorry for saying that. No one deserves such rudeness after being so nice.

Sorry if that made me come off as a total butt head but I like to say Even if I can't change the world, someone else can and I will be there as a pillar of support! I like helping others, that who I am, and those who take advantage of people with similar views as me are just rude and don't deserve such kindness as we offer.

I'm going to end this little blurb about me here, but come pm me if you want to be friends!

Remember that even if you think that no one loves you, there is always someone thinking about you.. including me!


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I'm from Bleach: What Could Have Been and I was wondering if you needed some help with your Arrancar. Feel free to PM me to bounce ideas :T
Maid Mey Rin

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Maid Mey Rin

Yer welcome biggrin Hmm... you like to watch anime rye?? Cuz you could use an anime pic C: That's what I do on FB :O
Maid Mey Rin

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Maid Mey Rin

Thank you for purchasing the item o.o nice profile too <3