Hello all!

I'm Anzen and I'm a bisexual teen.. My age, well that is for me to know you not to know at the moment. I am currently living in Farmington though was born and raised more then half of my life in Detroit. I love Detroit. No matter how bad it gets I will always love Detroit, it's my birth place, and if I could I would actually like to move back to Detroit.

I'm a semi literate to literate rper and love to rp. I love anime, manga, all sorts of things like that!

I'm in love with, well more like addicted to, Skip Beat! and 1/2 Prince. Though I also like Love in The Mask, Bleach, Code Geass, Hetalia, Vampire Knight, and tons more of others(but those are my main heart grabbers).

So if anyone shares interests with me go ahead pm, comment, I like talking to people about things. ^-^


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I'm from Bleach: What Could Have Been and I was wondering if you needed some help with your Arrancar. Feel free to PM me to bounce ideas :T
Maid Mey Rin

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Maid Mey Rin

Yer welcome biggrin Hmm... you like to watch anime rye?? Cuz you could use an anime pic C: That's what I do on FB :O
Maid Mey Rin

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Maid Mey Rin

Thank you for purchasing the item o.o nice profile too <3


Dark Heart (2,199,999,922g)
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Vital Love (15,000,000,000g)
Across Blush (8,000,000,000g)
Dark Omen (125,000,000g)
A's Sketchbook (10,100,000,000g)

I need 44,425,000,442 gold in total! Please help me get my dream avi!