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BunnyBento Report | 02/28/2013 8:11 pm
Thank you for your purchase~ emotion_bigheart
Lady Nitebite Report | 02/13/2013 10:49 am
Lady Nitebite
I know right! Just another sign of how we are besties!
NecHocNecIllud Report | 02/12/2013 5:21 am
Thank you for buying my Aquarium Streamer Fish.
Lady Nitebite Report | 02/10/2013 12:46 pm
Lady Nitebite
Lol we have the same gaia star sign!
Reprogrammed Report | 11/12/2012 7:38 pm
Thanks for your purchase! Have an awesome day!
Lady Nitebite Report | 12/22/2011 5:40 am
Lady Nitebite
Lovin' the rockin profile! biggrin
hoshiwerewolfknight Report | 06/14/2011 6:46 pm
Thank you so much! ^__^
hoshiwerewolfknight Report | 06/13/2011 8:28 pm
Whoa! You've been bu-SY! ^_^ I'm so happy for you! I've JUST decided I'll be attending my local community college after I graduate for one year in pursuit of my AA degree. The summer before that, I'll try to land a job working at Disney World as a Princess or other character ^_^ I'm devoting myself to acting, it's the flame to my heart. I just keep wondering what will happen after I get my AA degree, will I head over to LA then? I've been told to just wait and something good will happen...I posted a question under the Performing Arts forum about my pretty much sums up how I've felt these past few days...>.>;
hoshiwerewolfknight Report | 06/12/2011 7:20 am
Hey!^^ How've you been?<3
hoshiwerewolfknight Report | 03/05/2011 1:17 pm
Neat! Sadly, I've been advised not to particiate since I have too much work to do...but I do have my French club..that's acting! ^_^ Oh and The Miracle Worker, that's the story of Helen Keller! ^_^ SERIOUS acting there ^.^




~Hey everyone!~
~My name is Kylie~
~Anya is my nickname so you can call me that too~
~I love the Performing Arts and Theater~
~My dream is to be on Broadway~
~If you want to know more, feel free to ask! I love to get to know people.~



Theatre is my middle name. It's not? Well it should be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"And does it say that I only sleep three hours a night, and I hide in the bathroom cabinet, and I'm not allowed to cry?" -Marcy Park
(The 25th Annual Putnam county Spelling Bee)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I may randomly burst into song.
It must be a theatre thing.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you say Orange REALLY SLOWLY It sounds like gullible.

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