Anya Michiko Karasami


Gender: Female

Location: The Karasami Family Home - Plane of Earth

Occupation: Visionary, Strategist, Working Wife

THis Pounding In My ears

Shooting Holes At The Moon

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Sankishin Core Unit - 02 Susano-o

Missing Drive Core


Time Lady Victorious

Name: Anastasia Michiko Karasami il-McWherter

Regalia: Princess of Crows and Wisdom, Void Queen

~Aliases: Shiro Susano-o, "The Oncoming Storm", "Timelady Victorious", "The Destroyer", "The Redeemer", "The Doctor", "Tezzy", "Java Cookie", Proto-Girl

~Age: 27 (physical age, but soul is ancient)

~Height: 6' 0"

~Weight: Unknown

~Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

~Hair Color: Murky Mud Brown/Void White

~Affiliations/Loyalties: Death of The Endless, The Assassin Order, The Cloak and Dagger Clan, The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, Star Sapphire Corps, White Lantern Corps, Londo Bell

~Home Plane: South America, Earth

~Status: Gunpla Making

~Marital Status: Married

Limitless power flowing from a glowing heart. Impervious to most illnesses. Advanced intelligence, wisdom, and reasoning. Legendary amounts of luck. Basic kenjutsu skills. Rapid healing factor. Precognitive abilities (foresight, intuition, prophetic dreams). Skilled social strategist. Heightened multiverse crisis awareness. Moderate linguistic and grammatical mastery. Psychological warfare.

~Equipment: Marriage Ring (Omega), Star Sapphire Power Ring, Indigo Lantern Power Ring, Blue Lantern Power Ring, Yellow Lantern Power Ring, Orange Lantern Power Ring, Red Lantern Power Ring, White Lantern Power Ring, Black Lantern Power Ring. Philosopher's Stone. 16 Inch Redwood Wand with Unicorn Hair Core, Ravenclaw House Scarf, Void Return Ring, Dragon's Head. Steel Bangle of Loss. Silver Bangle of Owl's Oblivion. Iron Key of Lost Time. Brass Key of Lunacy. Metal Crucifix, Konoha Missing-nin Headband, Amegakure Leader Headband, Akatsuki cloak, Mario Power Cap. Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver (11, 10, X). Legendary Stick of Sass, Sankishin Unit 002 Susano-o

~Weapons: Nodachi Masamune, Wooden Staff Magane, Katana Kuroi Tatsujin, Wakizashi Gedo Ryu, Tanto Hanagami, Zweihander Soul Calibur, Rapier Dragon's Fang. Laser Screwdriver.


⌦ - Nightlight (Directional Input for counter type)
⇩, ↙, ←, X - Banshou Tenin
⇩,↘,→, X - Shinra Tensei
(Air) ⇩,↘,→, ▲ - Crows
(Ducking)←, →, O - Ayame
→, ↘,→, ⌦ - The Sound of Drums

Super Arts:

↻, ⌦ - The Tenth's Fury
⇩,↘,→, ↘, ⇩, ↙, ←, XXX - Chibaku Tensei
⇩, ⇧, ⌦ - Kou Kuu Jin Ougi: Akumetsu

Secret Arts:

▲, ▲, →, O, X - The End of Time
Awakening (40% Health or less): Rinnegan

I am female (transgendered), rather clever, and misanthropic. Hobbies include video games (JRPG, RPG, GTA, SMT, Platformers, Fighting Games), Magic: the Gathering (sorry boys, casual and EDH only), reading (preferably interesting, non-mainstream things), Gunpla building, and deep thinking. I'm a fan of the Doctor Who, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Katamri, Disgaea, and Persona franchises. Yea, your typical geek with some major ability to stand out in a room full of stand-outs.

I'm not afraid to voice my opinions. My political stance doesn't have a name; I believe in the power of the individual against the blind sheep of a 'group'. Advocating personal growth, damning the influences of social or political groups that would leave someone with a skewed or biased view of the world. On religion; I believe in a god/higher being that pulls the strings of fate and tests our personalities and morals, but I base my standard view of how to handle life through a buddhist manner. Incarnation is... highly likely.

I'm happily married to an unpredictable and chaotically wonderful lady. She is my companion through space and time, forever pushing me forward or saving me from my own reckless advances into reality. Yet I do not forget what led me to this point, forever keeping track of my own past to avoid a repetitious future. Is this the peace I have long sought and fought for?

Those who came before, the voices long lost to the sands of time... they have named me foul things and I wear my titles with no shame. I fear no judgment but my own.

The Seven Seals

*First Seal: The Rotten Fruit of All Knowledge (C)
*Second Seal: Wage of Rage (M)
*Third Seal: The Bearer of the Fractured Mirror (Kai)
*Fourth Seal: Hopes Hinted and Known (DKMW)
*Fifth Seal: The Angel of Salvation with the Desire of a Fiend (L)
*Sixth Seal: Innocence as an Illusion (D)
*The Final Seal: Final Path ~ Humility(DKMW)

The Damnations

*First Sin: The Blatant Ignorance of Mankind (A)
*Second Sin: Hedonistic Lunacy (K-13)
*Third Sin: He Who Bestowed the Title of Timelady Victorious (DKMW)
*Fourth Sin: Innocent Victim (LM)

The One At Journey's End
*Companion: Rose (A/K/VA)


Gothic Lolita Fashion
Magic: the Gathering
The Protomen
Silversun Pickups
The Dambuilders
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Brony Plague/Bronies
Lady Gaga


The Laws of Time are mine and they will Obey Me!

For a long time now I thought I was just a survivor but I'm not... I'm the Winner... Timelord Victorious

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Eyes on Me

They're In THe Signal. They're in my head

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Alyy_sun Report | 08/18/2011 6:01 pm
thx for buying smile
Draco McWherter Report | 08/16/2011 5:45 pm
Draco McWherter
what are you talking of? If I die, it'd be my own fault. Not yours.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/16/2011 4:33 pm
Draco McWherter
-drinks- I will. I never stay sick for very long. And the bronchitis isn't that bad either. A light cough to keep the crap in my lungs cleaned out.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/16/2011 4:11 pm
Draco McWherter
-dripping with sweat- Very busy and slightly sick from heat and what my brother thinks is bronchitis...
Draco McWherter Report | 08/16/2011 2:00 pm
Draco McWherter
Draco McWherter Report | 08/15/2011 1:32 am
Draco McWherter
-nods- well, this one is going to bed. Do rest well when you so choose to. Night.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/15/2011 1:01 am
Draco McWherter
This is good then.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/15/2011 12:39 am
Draco McWherter
We shall definitely see how this trip goes. But I do have to tell you this. No touching, for it would make me really uneasy. It's gotten to the point where no matter who's touching me, I'm uncomfortable, so just to give you that heads up now.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/15/2011 12:32 am
Draco McWherter
If you bug him constantly though, I can see it backfiring too. He could get irritated with the constant nagging and refuse to do so.
Draco McWherter Report | 08/15/2011 12:26 am
Draco McWherter
mixed feelings about it. For one, I'd be awkward to a very high extent and thus that would make me unpredictable with my actions. That vow of distance would still be in place, so I'll be sending many a mixed signals with one, wanting to just be all out goofy like I once was and such but I know I can't allow it to that extent. So yes....conflicted really on the whole thing.

Ware wa kuu, Ware wa kou, Ware wa jin!

Ware wa hitofuri no tsurugi ni te
subete no "tsumi" wo karitori "aku" wo metsu suru!!

Wa ga na wa "Hakumen", Oshite mairu!

Anastasia Michiko McWherter of Earth
You have a great Void in your heart.
Welcome to the Star Sapphires

That's when it turned on me, a motorcade of meant-to-be's