My name is Sadie less commonly Luna, but everyone now calls me Tsu. Name changes galore due to drama, and role-playing out the arse. I'm blessed for it though. I stand strong now from all of it, so thank-you everyone who has been a part of it. I am an avid role player. Jumping from my origins on Gaia Forums, to dA back in 2002 and eventually ending up on IMVU after many attempts of downloading on crappy pc’s…

I’ve been teaching the basics of T-1 and Bio making for nearly 6 months now, so if you’re interested in help I’m open to aid. I judge on rare occasions, but you better make a damn attempt or I’ll snatch you on sheer ignorance. I’m not going to bother selling myself with descriptives, all I can say is I’m 20 years old, and dishing out bowls of b**** pudding. If things get tough I’ll lace up my s**t kickers and start on what needs doing. If I sound like your kind of girl, message me and we’ll see if we click.

If you are searching for an RP with meat, and are actively involved in IMVU role-play, I encourage you to join me in my family role-play that has been up and running since October 2012. The info for website can be found here, and if its you cup of tea, come join the family.


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Your only Virtually insane due to the lack of your seers stone! nuuuu....bad mages guild branch leader!

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There is rumors going around about you.... Somthing to do with mudkipz... is it true! do you liek them?


You are my senpai
My only senpai
You give me doki's
And shades of grey
You'll never notice me
But I still love you.
You're sugoi, kawaii desu ne

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