I go by Anto. I go by Anto, because that is my alias.

I'm an average girl, with an average life. I'm 20, but have the mind of a kid. On my spare time I like to perform surgery on my laptop, play Pokemon or bet in the Casinos. I have a passion for everything computers, from coding to graphic designing to hacking. (the good way)
On the contrary to all the coding I like to do, I have minor dyslexia and have a hard time focusing. Which is why I change subjects so often, or take a millennium until I finish coding my profiles.

My other passions include drawing, making fun of people and making terrible jokes.

Anyways, as I stated above, I tend to get off topic on everything, and I have a tendency to be AFK due to grabbing pizza or other awesome food.

Also, I am a huge Adventure Time fan!

this is me, as if you GAF.



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Report | 02/19/2014 12:00 am


i enjoy your siggy
creative 3nodding

Report | 04/06/2013 2:49 pm


wut is this item User Image
Loving Life Forever

Report | 03/25/2013 7:46 am

Loving Life Forever

thnx for the buy! whee

Report | 03/21/2013 9:42 pm


I have one, but it is hidden sweatdrop

Report | 03/21/2013 8:57 am


People from CB were being buttholes
They didnt no how to take a joke.
So i got off

Report | 03/20/2013 10:02 pm


no you don't know me smile i just liked your avi so i requested you as a friend smile
if you don't want to be my friend then..ok but,i'm only being nice
don't want to be my friend? i understand some people are just weird like that...but it's okay
thank you mrgreen

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You're fast. I hate it.
xMini Toasts

Report | 03/13/2013 8:38 pm

xMini Toasts

good riddance.

See ya tomorrow then razz Bring me a sandwich on your way over, too.
xMini Toasts

Report | 03/13/2013 8:36 pm

xMini Toasts

Stop asking me idiotic questions talk2hand
xMini Toasts

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xMini Toasts



Don't be afraid to stand out, that's how the lost get f o u n d.

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