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One of the Best FF Battle themes (In my opinion)

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Sunset jazz mix

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Jazzy NYC Remix #2

Jazzy NYC remix

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Anthony Kazuma

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My story so far.

My name is Anthony Kazuma. I'm 22 years old. I'm a High School Gradutate. I plan on going to College. And i am a Christian. Due to a falling out with my dad. I'm currently living with my grandparents, aunts and cousins... It may not be much of a life to some people out there. Good and Bad. But it's still a life... For now.
I am currently searching for a job.. and i was recently. called by a university... Iv'e decided to take part in MIT COM and Psychology.... Although My real goal is to be a Movie director.... But .... I'll take what i can get.

I've both made and lost friends within the past 5 years ... And i regret every decision I've made... But i am learning from my mistakes.... And i have to remember to keep praying. Sure . There are people who may not agree with what i believe. But i believe Jesus Sacrificed himself so that we can live. If he didn't do that, we would've been all toast... forever... I believe that if we call to him for help rather than relying on ourselves (Which doesn't work obviously, and speaking from personal experience.) We can easily get through whatever this world throws at us.... As well as show compassion and love to others... However There are those out there who doesn't like this plan and rather do their own thing and even enjoy being punks and making fools of themselves. Belive me i deal with this most of the time and even got a harsh reminder (From someone named xXNerdy-baby-girlXx of coruse that was just a matter of personal error but still really??) No matter what they do or say.. please don't listen to them.....

Things haven't being as good as i hoped .. My relationships are in jeopardy... And.. Well.. Despite Everything.... i'm still keeping faith... and a clear head,,

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The Goddess Nephthys Report | 02/16/2017 1:56 pm
haha thanks you XD
Raya The Immortal Report | 01/18/2017 2:57 pm
Thank you very much for the gift : whee
Raya The Immortal Report | 01/14/2017 2:29 pm
Same, I am busy a lot lately.
Raya The Immortal Report | 01/14/2017 2:25 pm
No problem. 3nodding
Raya The Immortal Report | 01/13/2017 1:13 pm
Yuri Katsuki from the anime Yuri On Ice
Raya The Immortal Report | 01/12/2017 11:43 am
What guy?
Sakura Amaterasu Report | 12/25/2016 7:23 pm
no problem
iSakineMeiko chuu Report | 12/19/2016 3:31 pm
Oh my, I'm truly replying late to you, but hello! Do I know you? o:
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/16/2016 11:37 am
sure smile
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/16/2016 11:11 am
no problem


It would be a stronger world. A stronger loving world to die in.

-John Cale


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