And so, yet again, I have returned a different person than before! I'm not a cutter. >.> Don't ever bring it up, mmkay?
I still love anime, but my taste in music has changed a lot, even though I still make sure not to limit myself to one particular genre. I listen to a lot of Dubstep. :3 Recently, I got really into Kerli's music, and her style.
I love anything and everything lolita or kandi raver.
I am growing my hair out cuz I had cut it short last summer XD
I'm kinda like a mix of a scene girl, emo kid, kandi kid, and loli kid. XD Weird!!!
I love making new friends, so if you stumble across me, add me :3
I don't like when people lie and stab others in the back, so don't do it, kay? It's not right!
I'm a gamer...I am in love with the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, because of Vladimir Makarov being absolute smexehness. X3
Anyway...get to know me! biggrin I'm fun!!!

PS!!! Taken!!! I do mean that I have a boyfriend ;3


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Tsumi's Job...

This journal is all about Tsumi's (me) new assassination jobs...I love working for my master, whom is Akito Sohma, my brother...I am making plans to visit him...he has a new assassination job for me, name Umi....the cause for her assassination reques


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This is she. I had to make a new account due to unfortunate circumstances. Add my new profile if you want to talk. smile

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <[^o^]>
Absinthe Effect

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Absinthe Effect

Alcoholic Alien

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Alcoholic Alien

Happeh birfday!
Absinthe Effect

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Absinthe Effect

YOU HATE HIGHSCHOOL?! I used to love it when i went! o.o i hate middle school though -nods- but my highschool years were the best ^_^.....except ninth grade but that doesnt really count in my book *nods*

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Are you F-ing kidding me? I hate Devan. I don't know why- he's always so nice to me and doing things for me. But I just do. If he screws the tiniest things up, it just makes me irritated. Plus, he's easy- and is a man slut. The only people that seem to like him are sluts, too. No one in our group actually does- he just follows us around. Well, okay- I guess we're 'good friends' But still.

And yeah... we had our little guitar circle thing goin' on. And some random people just joined us. 0_o Kyon's family took the dog away today. WAHH D; Oooo and his cousins in town! Shh... X3

I louff Halo!! YAY.

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Heheheh... I went to Devan's house the other day- well July fourth D; Oh, and I got to talk to this band full of hot guys X3 They were playing some reel big fish songs, and our group was going to watch the fireworks on the stage and they told me to go to their web site cause they were Reel Big Fish fans just like meh XDD

It was a blasht! Go the fourth of July Wooo XP

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If you have a bunch of mentos and then wait- and then drink it's like XD It gives your through an icy freaky feeling. HEHEHEHEH

And yeah- It keeps on adding on D: There's one song that doesn't really fit though- at least i don't think. It's Wine Red. And I should probably take it out.... D;

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(Oneesan) Ha ha, 0_o Mentos and Sunny D are a weird Mix. But don't have them together right away! EW.

Oh, if you need some real music check out my playlist- though I'm sure you've already heard some of it. They're all songs about me XD

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Nah too lazeh ta find him. And as for my oniisan... hez just a douche bag.