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Hi I'm Liz




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Hi, I'm Liz. I'm a major cat obsessionist, and that's not a word and I know it
I'm going to use it anyways.
I draw alot, I make signs for people sometimes, I play
video games, I listen to a s**t ton of music, I drink sometimes,
I smoke sometimes
I love all the kitties in the world, watch horror movies too much,
and I don't leave my house as much as I should.
I'm the average young adult american, with a bit
of a creepy side, while at the same time, I can be
the nicest person you'll ever meet.
I have Depression, Epilepsy, I was diagnosed not too long ago
with Aspergers by my psychiatrist, but he referred to it as
'quirkyness'. If you try to insult me with 'autism' just to let you
know, I'm not really offended by it, everything makes me me, sooo
I promise you sometimes I can be awkward, or outspoken, but
if you talk to me and I creep you out or something you should
just let me know.
But I will not let you down as a friend. And you're bound to laugh
eventually when I talk to you.


I love you