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Hi, I'm Liz, and I hate everything
Haha, just kidding <I just hate most things.>
I'm kind of a b***h sometimes sorry
except not really because chances are if im a b***h to you you probably deserved it.
I linger most times in the CB.
I'm young but not as young as you think, I have a cat and I like free art. I drink and smoke a little from time to time, and I like anime and games and stuff.
Thursday nights I go to trivia night.
Lately ive been really into rick and morty for some reason.
Fun fact: ive watched the show my name is earl about three times.
like the entire show. all seasons, all episodes.
When i get hooked on something i get hooked on it.
Please don't hit on me, I'd really appreciate it. I'm engaged so. Just don't do it out of good judgement.
Did i mention i like cats?
I also like cute stuff.
And gore and horror movies. Alot.