Preferred Name: Panda or Anon will do
Favorite Colors: Red and Green
Don't think christmas, I like them separately

What do I do?
Job-wise I keep job hopping it seems. I'm currently a Security Guard
So that's cool
What do I like?
Not as big into anime as I used to be, but I still enjoy it a lot.
I read sci-fi books and books on dragons mostly. Recently got into romance novels as well and some historical stuff
Video games
I'm a big xbox fan
I like FPS games the best now, but good RPG's are always good and I still play all the games I own and never sell them.
Favorites include; Borderlands, Halo, Batman, Gears of War, Fable, Dead Island, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon age and more
Favorite Movie
Scoot Pilgrim, Kick-a**, Hayao Miyazaki movies, Nightmare Before Christmas

Fell free to get to know me for anything else. I'm a pretty chill guy so leave me a comment or pm or stalk me however you want to strike up a conversation.


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Enter the realm of the Twilight

This is my "new" journal. If you want to see any other entry's by me, look up Original Gothic Panda



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Thank You for your purchase.
Dee the neko

Report | 09/18/2015 5:57 am

Dee the neko

Thanks for buying the potions heart I have another one if you want

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Sorry. Can I trade you my Ruby back lion mask for your Puffpaw? Thank you. I am only using the puffpaw for keeps not going to resell it. Thank you
Yuki Chanshin

Report | 09/14/2015 12:21 pm

Yuki Chanshin

Thanks for buying angels~
Mimi Skitty

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Mimi Skitty

Thank you for buying my Laurels. <3
Hillbilly Hikari

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Hillbilly Hikari

This is how I see your avatar heart

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You look adorable. emotion_kirakira
Eren Jaegerbomb

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Eren Jaegerbomb

THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT -cherishes forever-
Skippa Da Flippa

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Skippa Da Flippa

are you online i would like to buy your nhb..
Jayce Reinhardt

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Jayce Reinhardt

If I ever can return the favor in the future, please do not hesitate at all. I don't have the words as I'm still currently trying to pick up my jaw off the floor from this but I just hope I can have that opportunity to give a little back what you all have given me.