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I normally only do freebies for friends, but if I really adore your avatar and I come across you on one of my threads, then you may be lucky!

Do not PM me for a freebie.
I will eat you.


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Birthday: 05/04


Hello~ I'm AnonaThea! You can call me Anona, Thea, Anon, Noni, etc. whichever you prefer.
I'm eighteen years old and currently residing in Australia. My aspirations are to become an author or to be a part of videogame production and design.
If your interests include anime, writing/drawing, cute things and bunnies - we are destined to be together friends.

I have four OCs. Murdoch the Fallen Angel, Aisla the Magical Girl, Lilah the Demon and Annika the Bunny.


Yes, have my face.

(Okay I know I look like a thirteen year old, for the love of all things sane please do not remind me)