I live in one of the smallest towns in one of the biggest states. I’m where things don’t happen, or rather they’re too ‘controversial’ to talk about. I’m where girls as young as seven think their only self value comes from their body’s, where kids are having sex, drinking, and smoking at ages way younger than legal, and where suicide is almost as good as our next high. We are among the bottomless trashcans of all states, cities, and towns, buried so deep in garbage we’re hidden from sight. I’m where we tell everyone what they want to hear, then take it back as soon as their backs are turned, and where people live and thrive on lies. I guess consuming all that dirty, polluted air tarnished our brains as well.


I hope you are doing well, sleeping well, eating well and being kind to yourself.

Curious huh?
The name's Anne I tend to be extra extra playful
I have an attention span and memory span of a goldfish so sorry in advance
I have this condition called, "selective hearing" so if I didn't answer or respond to you means my medical condition filters bullshit and idiotic comments.
Madly in love with fictional characters and versification; poetry.
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I never quit, I go on to trip.

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