[Dear Harry,]

That night between breaks, we lay down the cold tiles. You were watching the stars, and I was facing the marble. You asked me what time would I return, and I said I'd be back in five minutes. The whole time you were singing, and I was counting seconds. We left after two minutes, and that was the moment when it dawned on me the cruel tragicomedy. I was too caught up in you, too absorbed in the minutes you left, but you were uncaring, not because you didn't care, but because I didn't tell you soon enough. And here I am, still hoping, overthinking what to say, rehearsing my interaction, but the sad thing is that I'll never be able to perform my best self because I got too busy counting the seconds when you'll never notice my whispered screams of longing.


Congratulations, we lost.

Curious huh?
The name's Anne I tend to be extra extra playful
I have an attention span and memory span of a goldfish so sorry in advance
I have this condition called, "selective hearing" so if I didn't answer or respond to you means my medical condition filters bullshit and idiotic comments.
Madly in love with fictional characters and versification; poetry.
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