I'm a phoenix in the water. A fish that's learnt to fly and I've always been a devil but my feathers are meant for the sky so I'm wishing, wishing further for the excitement to arrive it's just I'd rather be causing the chaos than laying at the sharp end of this knife. Undying death-defying devotion way down on that lined tower of lies in a jar, red roses and pink skulls into oblivion in thy eyes love is inevitable luck is a human's luxury. Suddenly realized that we weren't in the same boat due to a negative dishearten force in our life. With every small disaster I let the water still, please take me away to some place real.
We're just a box of souvenirs


writing love letters to the dead

Curious huh?
The name's Anne I tend to be mean but I'm not rude
I laugh a lot so I can hide my feelings, forcing laughter and faking smiles
I have an attention span and memory span of a goldfish so sorry in advance
I have this condition called "selective hearing", so If I didn't answer or respond to you means my medical condition filters bullshit and idiotic comments.
Madly inlove with fictional characters and versification; poetry.

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Dustin, Joel, Alyssa, Jessica, Sakura, Eve, Matt, Anthony, Jay, Shin, Danni, Extian, Jords, Lode, Patrick, Mark, Milwanie and Kay
are my homies

[hehe] [haha] [huhu] [hoho] [hihi]

I lost myself in fear of losing you
thank thee

(c) Le Extian

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