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I'd like to say I am this cute 14 year old 6'5 magical black man with rippling muscles, gorgeous pink locks, sexy legs, with kawaii loli serafukus and sugoi bento boxes and rooftop settings, married to all my 2d waifus who bore me sixty nine beautiful children who are all diamond and challenger in league of legends living together in a huge mansion with like ten maids and I have like three cars and a dog because dogs are kawaii and like I can almost do six push ups If I try really hard.


lay back and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions

Curious huh?
The name's Anne I tend to be mean but I'm not rude
I laugh a lot so I can hide my feelings, forcing laughter and faking smiles
I have an attention span and memory span of a goldfish so sorry in advance
I have this condition called "selective hearing", so If I didn't answer or respond to you means my medical condition filters bullshit and idiotic comments.

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Joel, Alyssa, Jessica, Sakura, Eve, Matt, Anthony, Jay, Shin, Danni, Extian, Jords, Lode, Patrick, Mark and Kay
are my homies

[hehe] [haha] [huhu] [hoho] [hihi]

live in peace my niggas n_nv

(c) Le Extian / Lilypichu / Nyanners

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