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finally ariel happened to me~

I don't accept random friend requests.

Fun Facts!:
> Master lurker, but I do tend to drop by the GCD or CB
>Used to be Blackstar Vanilla, but you can still call me Nilla or Van or something..
> Girls Generation makes me feel the heat
> My journal is filled with Girls Generation fanfic drafts
> I am shipper trash
> I love writing weird stories because my imagination is literally a dump
> I miss playing Zomg with my clannies and friends.
> Lake Kindred is one of the reasons why I'm still here, besides playing stock market.
> I have always wanted to rule the world since I was 12
> Catch me if you can on Tumblr, Twitter or Asianfanfics
> Yes, I'm still here at Gaia...idk why either

2010-2014 (I will always treasure all the amazing memories that we have made together)

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say it, don't spray it

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WICKED WNX Report | 08/28/2015 11:55 am
Oh as far as ik, Bob/URL are quite active on fb! Ebby, i rarely see even on skype e.e You'll always be Nilla! emotion_kirakira I think I just changed mine from WINX_ANGEL10? gaah i forgot my own username xD to my current one
I so wanted it to just be WNX but some random person took it and probs even inactive 8U I had this thing for short usernames

I have literally all my items since 07 when I joined e.e //Cough. I'm not a hoarder .-. You should see my invo; full thing is filled w/ zOMG loot! Never cleared it even once *^* I love masterpieces! Even though I have a white body dye! It was one of the things I quested for so I kept it till date! Memories
WICKED WNX Report | 08/28/2015 8:05 am
Oh haha xD I luckily kept my agape s.s was on the verge of selling that too! Oh hey as long as you got a better item you use more often, heck I'd do the same xD There's been a few which have been that way but my minis were for a stupid item hence the regret e.e
Sometimes I feel like spamming their profiles but then again don't want to seem insane xD
I think he's quite busy irl considering he hasn't been on as such :/
WICKED WNX Report | 08/28/2015 7:13 am
I've been telling myself that as well xD But then I remember selling the mini angel wings to buy something else and now I need those minis again but no gold yet xD That's why I never sell my items T^T
LOL I gave up on that account; been like 5yrs now? I just gave up on it :/ LOL I think I forgot a pw to one of the winx accounts as well xD I just gave up; but back in 07 it had a good amount of gold on it at least 27m which was a bomb. Was too lazy to care about gold xD
WICKED WNX Report | 08/28/2015 6:43 am
That's more than me xD I used all my gold after 3-4months on buying the top i'm wearing for 150b //beggar lyf now. But I'm happy :3
So true, I do use them occasionally but I have quite less in those blacks :/
I definitely will do it in the coming months! Lmao Idk what my pw to the yahoo account is; so much so it was linked to this account on gaia but I had to change it xD
WICKED WNX Report | 08/28/2015 6:14 am
I was lucky o3o A friend just randomly gifted me //Sobs. Tyty! Hbu, did you manage to snag any cheap listings of them yet?
I have such a hard time finding a good black legmod or even white tbh; that's the most I use in my invo as far as colors go :/ I think I wanted the shark in black because so freaking cute coat pose >|
I felt like doing that too; post all my screenies of it since 09 :/ Thing is half is on my laptop and half on this comp xD A lot of them were taken and uploaded to photobucket which i forgot both my email and pw to //Cough.
WICKED WNX Report | 08/27/2015 8:23 am
That's true! But it's annoying when your kin doesn't work as well when trying to play against the tanuki 8U Like work for once
It's so stupid; bet half are kids and the moment you try to offer on it, they get so defensive like jeez it's just an offer not a damn trade which is sent even before getting the go.. I was going through some of my old avis back in the day in my screenies and honestly I kind of liked them and miss the fact I can't make the same kind with all these same items and almost similar legmods..
LOL I hope they won't mess up GGen based items tho :/
So true; that's the only group of ppl even I talk to even on fb/skype! Nothing like old friends you'd hang w/. z! definitely was one of a kind experience while it lasted :3
WICKED WNX Report | 08/27/2015 7:42 am
I swear? Like have you seen the tanuki stats when it get's to a higher lvl? Like wth? Can't even attack well and look at the dolls...forever sleep; give us those damn it

I'ms just here to kill time and occasionally stalk returning oldies when I can! I just do art and if at all quest for items xD Things are ridic here :/ MP is dead to me .-. Nothing will be like what zOMG was tbh; so much interaction and set timings to play...all over now
WICKED WNX Report | 08/27/2015 6:37 am
Oh ik those two! Just not my friends xD I used to stalk ppl from the NBYJGNSC clan //Cough. Buggy is like semi-active ish last I saw!

LOL don't even start w/ that kin grinding! The effort to get leafkit to lvl 16 8U Took me 3 weeks w/o potions OTL I got the kitsune to 12 and left that after I got the event achievements
Did too much grinding and now at my kin limit for a few days :/
Been good! I'm still into art :3 So I usually lurk in art forums
WICKED WNX Report | 08/27/2015 6:29 am
Tried there but no luck whatsoever T^T So many vendors been hoarding 4-6 of each
So true xD I mean I like it but then with what items should I combine and use xD
You too Nilla! Gl hope they get to 20b range for you!

How've you been btw? Been a while since I seen oldies from back in the day zOMG still active ;u;
WICKED WNX Report | 08/27/2015 5:02 am
Ikr was so iffy about the akainu item as well; one moment I like it then I think will I use it that much? OTL
But so true, everything now is defo profit related xD I don't even quest much tbh but I need the princess mononoke Item ;^;
So many ppl buy it even when vendors op them on mp gonk

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