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Report | 11/04/2015 11:14 am


Thank you, Anjoulie.
I am scared about everything what could happen. I cannot imagine living without mom. I am just not myself right now. It feels so strange.
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Report | 11/03/2015 2:24 pm


Pokemon's games > Digimon games
Digimon TV show > Pokemon TV show

But yeah... I haven't played pokemon since Ruby. :/ Kinda lost interest.

Digimon tv show is a lot darker. (Just one of the reasons why I love it). emotion_dowant
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Report | 11/03/2015 2:17 pm


Ewwwww, no they are totally not the same. gonk

I mean they did compete with each other, but that's about it.
Totally different story line. >.>

Sorry I got carried away for a bit. xD
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Report | 11/02/2015 9:52 pm


Thank you, Anjoulie.
Mom weas tested on 1st October. Then the doctors have arranged for her to be operated by the 6th October from removing a clot from her bloodvessel (left side on her neck) as this made her not having the strength to move her right arm and right leg. The bloodstream was blocking her left brain side. After a week she was resigned from the hospital. Her recovery went well till last Saturday. She fainted 3 times. We brought her to the hospital. Her hearbeat was 220 per minute and when it was dropping to normal (50-66 per minute).... her heart will not beat for 9 seconds thus why she kept fainting. Even when she was at Emergency Room. The doctor has prioritised placing a pacemaker today. Mom is really lucky being able to get both operations in short time.
I have been crying alot. I am praying for her that this operation will be a success too.
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Report | 11/02/2015 3:49 pm


Oh yeah I forgot your inventory is huge. rofl

Mmm I'm excited though because the new Digimon movies
are coming out on November 21st. crying
Been waiting my whole life for this. emotion_donotwant
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Report | 11/02/2015 3:38 pm


Ohh yessss.

I like to dumpster dive too, but I think
I dump more items than I dive. emotion_awesome

Can't believe its already November... new year is coming up fast. xP
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Report | 11/01/2015 4:09 pm


My inventory was totally cleared when I came back, except for my zOMG! items. xD

Luckily, I didn't clear my closet, so there were some outfits
I was able to look at and get the items from. I was like "YESHHHHHH" dramallama
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Report | 11/01/2015 3:29 pm


Same I think I only got one of the trick o treat bags and that's it.

Thanks, I'm trying to make more but the avatar builder is always down.
I miss tektek. crying

Been trying to find some of the old items I used to wear back in the day, its hard. xD
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Report | 10/31/2015 1:14 pm


I was trying to raid the shops for candy.

YOU SAW ME. emotion_0A0
how did you know
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Report | 10/09/2015 4:00 pm


Oops. redface rofl
Sorry didn't realize I'm noob. xD

Oh yes um we have stuffing with cranberries its so good.
And then mash potatoes (with cheese/gravy but that's optional).
And brussel sprouts. :3
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Report | 10/09/2015 3:48 pm


Nah, either they are out clubbing and drinking at one of those Halloween parties, or taking their younger siblings out to Trick-O-Treating. xP

I'm actually going to a Halloween themed Baby shower on Oct 17.
I haven't worn a dress/heels in so long. gonk

Ah, I should invite you one day.
Have turkey dinner with us. c:
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Report | 10/08/2015 3:22 pm


Haha that's good. xD
No I stopped trick-o-treating years ago.
I still want too, but all my friends don't do it anymore so I don't have anyone to go with.

Fine, I'll just stay home and cuddle my boxes of chocolates. talk2hand rofl
I'm looking forward to thanksgiving tho. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TURKEYYYYYY. emotion_omnomnom emotion_dowant emotion_drool
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Report | 10/08/2015 3:00 pm


No you are. redface

So what have you been up too? :3
Any plans for Halloween?
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Report | 10/08/2015 2:10 pm


*Holds little fluff close to me*
Never letting you go. gonk heart
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Report | 10/07/2015 3:48 pm


True on that last part.

Everything I watch or read the news, a little part of me dies inside. lol

But then I remember my online friends and I am happy again. xd heart
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Report | 10/07/2015 2:57 pm


Wow Anj, you have so much hope in others.

I wish I could have that same confidence as you. heart
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Report | 10/06/2015 3:46 pm


Even if they are bat s**t crazy? burning_eyes
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Report | 10/06/2015 2:48 pm


Nah, he just calls us out in the blue.

I just want him to leave us alone, but its been a few
days and he hasn't called back so I'm guessing he's doing something else. rolleyes
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Report | 10/05/2015 2:37 pm


No like... its a long story. xD

But basically me estranged dad called and asked
if he could move in back with us.
We said no, but he had snuck in before so my mom's a bit paranoid.
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Report | 10/05/2015 2:00 pm


I don't want too, but I have to watch over the house while everyone is gone,
and everyone leaves at 8am. crying
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