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I'm a bit weird. 20, Known as: Ani or Anik, or Anika and sometimes Kacy. Favorite color = Orange. Major Guitar-Nerd. Plays mostly progressive metal with some non-metal influences. DJENTDJENTDJENT. #Guitarsolos4life. I also do some acoustic work as a singer/songwriter. Love art in general, Love to sculpt, and work with plaster and paper mache. I love to draw and paint as well. I also love to write, you can tell by my 100+ paged journal here on gaia. Live in NYC. I'm also very geeky, I like to read comic books and manga. I watch Anime and play video games very seldom however. I Love to learn, and I have this thirst for knowledge. I also love Science, specifically space and space related things, but mostly science stuff in general are pretty awesome (History too!). If I left anything out feel free to ask!

- My Babies <3

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