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Sokiee Report | 04/04/2013 9:41 pm
did i forgot to respond back? :X
Sokiee Report | 01/26/2013 6:26 pm
i am now biggrin
Sokiee Report | 01/04/2013 12:15 pm
well i won't have school for a while -u -
but i'm getting better biggrin
c h i n d l i n Report | 01/02/2013 1:03 pm
c h i n d l i n
idk if it's the same for you but why is my comment in that font?! TT A TT
c h i n d l i n Report | 01/02/2013 1:02 pm
c h i n d l i n
Huu sorry I fell asleep in front of my laptop. orz idk Appreciation and respect toward my bf doesn't seem likely for his family. = n =" That's how far the issue extends (I don't know how he's been staying sane). LOL. YES. Every time I cook something for my bf, I'm always like "WELL YOU KNOW, I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT I'M DOING SO- YEAH I PROB PUT TOO MUCH SALT SO- IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT I'LL EAT IT." But my bacon&cheese mashed potatoes gets the best response from him. ; u ; Uguuu, tiramisu. I had some from a wedding at this Italian place and it was soooooooo awesome... OMG so it takes you 1-2 hrs every day to get to your uni? It should take 20 min for me to get to my community college but because of traffic, it's about an hour. orz

omg Goal setting in that manner is something they teach you so you can become successful. I haven't really heard of anyone actually doing that. @ n @ Even though I'm not proactive like that, I also get sad if I get below 85%. orz I have OCD with my grades - it doesn't matter how good I do depending on the material of the class, the NUMBERS BOTHER me, and that's what makes me study - THE NUMBERS. [/lol crazy] I used to be early all the time until I started carpooling/picking up my bf and his cousin (we go to the same college). Boys. I'm often JUST IN TIME or laaaate late late. Yeahhhh, best part of parties = food. But these parties don't have any. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE GOOD FOOD AT A PARTY. Yeah I experienced long periods of the man cave before. I was so used to at least hearing something from my bf every day, but he kind of just stopped talking to me altogether. At first I'd text "good morning" or "what are you up to," but I gave up. After a while, I didn't feel so sad about missing him and focused on school. Then I subconsciously held a grudge and stopped "caring" about him. Buuut now I think I've perfected living through a period of his man caving. HO HO HO. Ahh, yeah talk about exes should be kept to a minimum or else bad moods and thoughts may sprout. Info about what happened and what they were like will suffice. * u * Like, what if a guy's ex was a crazy stalker and he didn't want to talk about it? WELL HE BETTER TELL HER CURRENT GF SO SHE KNOWS WHAT TO EXPECT. lol exaggerated. Feelings lose its meaning when expressed into words. Sounds like: "I don't know how to express myself." That's a lonely and burdensome way to live. :C idk if my interpretation is a bit crude but it's always helpful to at least try sharing your worries and problems with people who care about you. lol your bf sounds like one of those too-cool-anime-dudes that don't ever smile. LOL. Aww, you guys are so cute. * u * Hee, I used to read old conversations too, but then I realized how stupid I sound like 2 years ago so I stopped. That and losing all the logs because Meebo got eaten by Google or something.

Augh, guys are usually so immature and annoying until they fall in love. Then they get in a relationship and realize that their immature ways ARE FUTILE. SUCCUMB TO YOUR QUEEN. Huu, thanks. 8 u 8 I think we've gotten this far because we were kind made for each other or something. I can't imagine myself with anyone else. [/no one understands/can connect with meee] Whaaat? Your family's like that? But you're so- YOU'RE SO THE OPPOSITE! Yeah my bf doesn't really like coming over because he doesn't feel welcomed. It's prob because my family knows about the times he's made me cry and they hold grudges or w/e, lol. Ughhh... Sometimes it's like, "Yeah, that's my Honey." Then it's like "omg why is he so like, hot right now." And then he does something like unfold (?) his glasses with his teeth and I'm like "OMGGGGGG WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNNN." orz Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? TT u TT I'm glad to know I mean that much to yooou. That's one of the best things after disappearing. Knowing how much people missed you when they type in caps. <3 LOLO- It's true though! ; n ; Gaia and drawing oddly go hand-in-hand. But it gets sad and lonely wh
Sokiee Report | 01/01/2013 8:55 pm
PFFF yea >u>;
and of course its fun, i wouldn't be playing them if it wasn't it hahaah
& Happy New Years to you too biggrin
/ish sick
Sokiee Report | 01/01/2013 7:31 pm
oh i've been playing Guild Wars 2 lately biggrin DD
than Dragon Nest
c h i n d l i n Report | 01/01/2013 5:57 pm
c h i n d l i n
Thanks. ; u ; He only stayed to cook and eat and then he had to jet because he had to go save the day or something. His cousin got her hand superglued to something and his family always needs his help but treats him like poop. = n = LOLLL. omg I felt the same, because my bf cooks some pretty good burgers and hot dogs and all that American food. orz But BAKING. omg if you ever get to have any of his baked goods, you are a lucky girl. UWAA THAT'S SO DIFFERENT. Well, idk how different but over here, colleges/uni's specialize in certain stuff, but they try to broaden what they have available. Do you live close to your uni?

Wow, he must be a really hard-working-bacon-makin'- I mean... orz From what I've observed, dudes tend to flake much easier than chicks, unless she's also into useless flings. lol yeah idk I'm not ashamed of locking myself up in my room lately. No job, no money, got school, gotta study. And if I go out, it's with my bf here and there. Typical young adult parties just seem really boring, like there's honestly nothing to do. I'd rather take a hike literally. Yeah when guys get overwhelmed, like how you said "crowded" they tend to go into what a girl I met called "Man Cave." But it's hard for girls 'cause you wanna be for them but you know they need time, but at the same time that time away can make them think they don't want to be with you after all. What's a misogynist? I should Google it but I think you're a more reliable source, lololo- Man, that sucks though. Maybe his ex's cheated on him because he used to be in the party scene?

Uguu, thank you. 8 u 8 Yeah, it's been four years with tons of good and bad times. We're still in the process of maturing and learning that we need to be patient when the bad times come. = n =" Uguuu I don't know. Today I felt too embarrassed to cook because he was standing right next to me, watching my hands intently. @ n @ I also don't like him seeing me in my natural habitat (home) so I start acting unnatural, which is ironic because I just said we were practically already married. Let's just say are families haven't integrated yet. Sometimes when he simply LOOKS at me I get embarrassed. orz lol sit on your throat? I would never do such a thing! * u * What do you meaaan you're really boring? You're the person I enjoy talking to the most online. NO I'M NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU I PROMISE. Sucks to be a guy, it'd sound like I'm totally coming on to you. orz SERIOUSLY. When my drawing picks up, I'm back on Gaia and vice versa. No problem with that since it's a hobby I suppose. idkkk I mean I could say the same for our friendship - although we haven't known each other super long, I'd consider you a good/close/trustworty/whatotherwordisthere friend to me. HEE, you so cute. DO TELL ABOUT THE ACTS OF AFFECTION. I used to be obsessed with romantic stuff. "WHEN I GET A BOYFRIEND, WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS AND THAT AND THAT AND HE'S GOING TO BE LIKE THIS AND-" But life didn't turn out that way, lol. Doesn't mean I don't love him and still have a good time though. = u =
c h i n d l i n Report | 01/01/2013 3:58 pm
c h i n d l i n
Speaking of, sorry I was afk 'cause my boyfriend dropped by and we made our breakfast together. At like 3PM because we wake up so late lololo- DUDE, I ONLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE THINGS LIKE EGGS AND OUT OF THE BOX/JAR PASTA. ; A ; Oh, really? Over here, there are supposedly really good colleges and whatever-okay colleges, and it seems as if their reputations correlate with their tuition. But tuition is going upp up upp!

LOL Noona Ani you're so funny. = u = When my boyfriend told me about 4chan, he said it's not a place for ladies. omg so you live on the west and not the east, oops. orz Ahh wowww. One of those really natural things, huh? He sounds so busy though - SIX COURSES AND WORK. @ n @ How does he do it... Not that I've ever been in the position, but those kinds of relationships seem so fragile to me. :C My sister was very recently in one and although the guy didn't even ask her out, HE FELT TIED DOWN, WHAT. And he was saying how he "still [wants] to have fun." = n =" He was also very busy with school and his job as an intern in marketing or w/e. I just hope the same doesn't happen to you. For some odd reason, when guys feel super overloaded, instead of seeing their significant other as something they can depend on, they see them as ANOTHER THING ON THE LIST OF TO-DO/BURDEN. So they often feel it necessary to break up or stop talking on "that level." But it's good to hear you guys are good. = u = SO WHAT KIND OF THREAD DID YOU GUYS MEET ON? lol sorry for being so snoopy, I'm just so curious and interested about all things Noona Ani. orz

GURLLL it's okay. Even my bf told me to combine gifts 'cause he's so frugal with money. Wow so it was a video with your beautiful face? Must've made him blush. * U * Yeah I forgot the distance would come between things like gifts. But that's a cute gift! I'D NEVER MAKE A VID OF MYSELF FOR MY BF. Even after 4 years, I'm still so embarrassed with multiple things. orz LOL YEAH I was like what the- if our anniv is so close to her birthday HOW COULD I FORGET? [/dies] Uguu, yes I am very manipulative. orz But he thinks it's cute anyway so am I off the hook? loljkdead idk I never really do anything except guard the house for New Year's lololo- Are you doing anything today or do you only celebrate on New Year's eve? Yeah, I haven't gotten to talk to Kuu yet 'cause I think she's on and off Gaia. Then there's Caustic Sugar too if I remember correctly. orz LOL HOW CUTE. bff4l I feel like having that relationship to go with a romantic one is very important! But then there's the stage where it develops into "we're practically already married" which is where I am. orz It's not something to be proud of because loving gestures almost no longer exist besides pecks, and PDA is for brand new couples. We're just not romantic. = u =;;
c h i n d l i n Report | 01/01/2013 2:31 pm
c h i n d l i n
Yeah I thought maybe then I could be like, the perfect wife/mother if I knew how to cook amazingly and healthily. TT u TT Ohh, I see. Yeah I don't know what community colleges are for. It's just cheaper to get general education done there instead of using a lot more money for the same classes at a uni. It also seems to ready/prepare kids before they go off with srs bsns classes that will decide their fate. * n *

Uguu, yeah December always seemed so busy, ESPECIALLY with Christmas. Your boyfriend prob has the same problem as me: one gift combining birthday with Christmas! o u o My boyfriend's birthday is in late January, but he has the problem of no gift for birthday or Christmas. = u = UNLESS IT'S ME OF COURSE, THEN I BUY BUY BUY. Ohhh I'm so late but happy belated birthday! ; u ; Our "anniversary" is on Oct 27. lol so much bf talk, idk sorry. = u =" Ahhh I feel more evil than adorable! * A * But yes I'd love to be adorable! Then my "pretty please" eyes will become more effective! Yeah I'm running around feeding the kids and taking my grandma to the bathroom and to take her nap so I take a while to reply atm. orz Thank goodness our time zones are so close. It's hard to catch Australian amigos for obv reasons, cry. THAT'S INTERESTING. SO TELL ME HOW YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND MET AND HOW IT ALL HAPPENED. o u o Yeah it was my bf who got me comfortable talking like no problem since we often chat online. orz lol some guys think they have poopoo secretaries/timecards... But you guys connect well and everything?


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