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Dear Diary...


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The Mystic Reborn

Report | 10/10/2017 12:12 pm

The Mystic Reborn

Thanks for visiting my profile biggrin

Report | 10/07/2017 3:43 am


surprised Ooooooo~ Damn, that's really cool! 8D How'd you find out about it? Lel, that's understandable.

Hnng~ just googled some pics; I bet they'd be breathtaking IRL. @ 3@! When'd you visit them?

Hng~ I bet they have good ones. I've been slightly petty about joining it because of how it's been for non-members and like "Oops, you can't see any more pictures now until you join," and I was like PFFT, no, and just because you did that, I refuse to join, so how bout that? lmao. I think they've stopped doing that recently, and I do often find myself there, so I might make myself an account and look into it. o vo
Oooooo nifty. o 3o! AUGH! That's pretty lame; really dampens the fun of the holiday, damn party poopers. We don't really live in such an affluent neighborhood to have that stuff, but we do have a neighbor that likes to I guess, pretend we do? XD We do our best, but again, it's not on a pro-level or anything; but it's something and ToTers seem to like it, so~ o vob We doooo~ 8D Well, it's not meant to run continuously; usually you just turn it on for a few seconds and let it chill out while the fog it makes is out and about being awesome, and once it dies down a lot, then you turn it on again for a little bit. It's actually pretty efficient. C: I still haven't used up my first bottle of fog juice from when I first bought the thing like 3-4 years ago! XD
Hahahah! XD That's amazing. Excellent! That sounds like a great time! XD <3

Damn! Is it because the pizza is just that good, or are you guys just in the luckiest spot? lol surprised oooo interesting~ Never had that when I was a youngin' ... seems like it'd be less fun for the kids though; don't get to walk up to spoopy houses and stuff. :C! I guess they're happy as long as they get candy? But.. they might not grow up with the love for the holiday. ; 3; There are lots of folks around here who have like trucks or vans and they'll have a small group with them and kinda just ToT, drive-by style; maybe park it at one place, do a little door-to-door walking if they see enough lights on, then go back to the car and find another place to park it, rinse repeat.

Dang that's so cool. ; w; Do you have any pics of your handiwork?
Aaahh, gotcha~ o 3o! Well, I wish you the best of luck! ;w; Do you think it'll take from April-May up until Oct to finish it, or do you think you'll be able to finish it way before that? o 3o
Get Wicked

Report | 10/06/2017 6:20 am

Get Wicked

Thank you for your purchase! Love the avi~

Report | 10/04/2017 9:47 pm


Oooh~ What's the subject of that? o 3o Heheeee, yeees~~

I have not. The only states I've spent significant/notable time in are Georgia, Texas and now Colorado. Technically, I've been to the states between GA and TX as well as NM to get to CO, but just driving through them, not stopping to really see anything, so I don't count those. XP

Heee~ it is. Well, we have a shitton of tombstones [mostly foam/foam board], lotsa skelly/undead animal decorations, one of which is animated. we have these two big columns my sister and I made last year. We also have a big cauldron that we hook up to a fog machine and get some green lights so it looks like some witch's brew, and we also have this mostly life size, crafted prop that we made, whom we'd dubbed Rebecca, to go with the cauldron. We also have a bunch of lights, and I think I mentioned the music already? Some other odds and ends as well, I think. We've kind of run into a bit of an expansion/improvement issue with our lack of A) legit construction skills and B) no real work space for bigger projects, so we have some limitations, but we try and lots of ToTers like what we've done [last year they were taking lots of pics and stuff sfkulagbdlsfikgbjsdfg], so yeee~ I'd like to have some solid plans/ideas to work on this stuff year round, but for the 2nd year in a row, we've let that slip. XD -shrug- As it stands, I try to visit stores and things when the seasonal stuff is out and if I see something I really like, grabbing it. XD I've been able, this year, to look at something and be like "nah, don't need that, I already have it/already decided it was 'bleh' last year/etc" so I'm able to be a bit decisive with things and not JUST get the basics; I can start working on looking for better and better things and amass better props/supplemental things [like strobelights to highlight certain decorations]. >v>!

Hot damn, that pizza place is popping. I'm surprised there's so many calls for it; I'd expect most folks to be out and about at that time. :Ua
OOOO~! You can make chainmail? O vO!! I recommend trying now anyways, and working on it throughout the year [see above], so you have lots and lots of time. UuU!!!

Report | 10/04/2017 9:06 pm


Sweet! It's like.... idk folkloric in nature, which I'd count - I like lots of collections of folklore stories and things. UuU!!

Dang, dude is lucky. Yeah, it's so beautiful it's disgusting. Like living in a goddamn picture. those damn Rockies. @_@ kvjlbhdsfhlkgdjnfn

Yeh, for the past few years, my fam and I have worked on having a nice Halloween set up [nothing pro-level, but we manage to do an alright job, I think] and chilling while passing out candy. I usually bring out my Ball Python and let people pet him. Some of them don't realize he's real, but others are so terrified, they run off screaming. Lots of others are pretty willing to try to pet him, I don't do any jumpscare stuff with him, I just think it's neat to give kids a chance to see and pet a real snake. 8'D And we also usually have music going. Last year, some friends dropped by and hung out for a bit, so hopefully, they'll come by again, but if not, it's cool. idk what I'll be dressed up as, though. XP I don't care as much about my own costume as much as the yard's. klfugabdifusgjhjv

That sounds awesome! Do you have the rest of the costume yet or? o 3o

Report | 10/04/2017 7:43 pm


Oh sweet! Good on you, taking care of business! 3nodding What kinda stuff you been reading?
Not much has changed here, either. I did go to Colorado for like a week, and ugh, it's so disgustingly beautiful there, I can't even. That area I went to [Around Frisco, Avon], omfg, so damn pretty.
Also done a bit more drawing and am currently excited for Halloween. >V<!!

Report | 10/04/2017 7:35 pm


> W<! How ya been? -ruffles hair-
prince tomcat

Report | 05/27/2016 9:26 am

prince tomcat

Hello there sire~

I hope your avatar being naked does not mean you have disappeared into the ether.
Just plopping a comment to say hello & bring good tidings. How are things in your
neck of the woods?
True Xenon

Report | 05/26/2016 11:21 pm

True Xenon

nice avi cool

Report | 04/11/2016 10:38 am


Haha, it's no problem. I've been busy as of late myself. Idk if I told you already but apparently I'm presenting my thesis in an upcoming conference.
Hoping you've been well, though.

Yeah, figures. What a buzzkill. Some of it is plausible, but some of it (especially the items) are just too silly to be true (I'd love to see them though).
Smogon was a wee bit late with this year's joke, though, or idk.
Looking forward to legit information.