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If you want to know more about me, read this

You will almost always find me here;

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Old outdated info I'm too lazy to update xD
Hey there. Just call me Angel, not Angels or Angels Alibi. My username is not calling me an angel, it says Angels Alibi, as in an angels alibi/an alibi for an angel. Get it? Ok, good, I hate repeating myself.

On to other things. I mod charities, I own a tektek shop and work in another. I'm usually found in one of those threads or zOMG trying to DMS my butt off but lately our aggro has been busy loving on my Sasuke Uchiha ass c; (don't ask, it's a long story)

Said aggro is my little gay butterfly of destruction. I call him many names but that's my newest one. He's also my gay princess cuz why not? He's very...special? Hahaha yea let's go with that. If you ever see me talking about a gay boyfriend, that's him. He just doesn't know he's bi yet c; He's still denying his other half but it's ok. Wanna know who he is? Haha didn't think so. Well for those that do, find the one that goes with the Sasuke theme and give yourself a cookie if you were right.

That's all for now suckers~ OH! One more thing. For the love of god (Amaterasu for you number one princess c; ) NO random friend requests. Talk to me first, mk?

Love Letters <3

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maylu123 Report | 09/10/2017 7:52 pm
thanks for the trade c:
Quinn Report | 09/05/2017 2:11 pm
O hai
Doc Arkham Report | 07/03/2017 9:58 am
They make my dragon world go round. emotion_c8
Now if my human world could stop the suck.
Doc Arkham Report | 07/03/2017 9:49 am
Thanks for the hug cutie.
Sensifer Report | 06/23/2017 6:41 pm
your avi so cute ;3;
Doc Arkham Report | 06/23/2017 11:44 am
Alright. I might be in and out since the storms effed up the internet around here.
Doc Arkham Report | 06/23/2017 11:42 am
I have a friend who is looking to sell one without all the BS involved with the exchange and MP.
She got a little more than 16t for her last one, so if you have an offer around there I can hook you two up.
The Yorkshire Ripper Report | 06/21/2017 8:24 am
Shocker biggrin
The Yorkshire Ripper Report | 06/15/2017 4:49 pm
Yay you remember me !
The Yorkshire Ripper Report | 06/15/2017 9:43 am


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