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I am the almighty Angelic Goddess Of Death aka pkkAngelz also known as Big b00bie Ouka

Welcome to my delightful store

I have items

You want items

I sell items

You buy items

Please do because:

1. You WANT to help my cause which is simply this: my avatar
2. You actually WANT my items
3. You absolutely have nothing else to do because what would make you WANT to be on a computer all day, seriously folks

Im going make sure I keep my prices lower than most but if my prices are still too high then PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Im more than happy to have a more fair trade for you.

Currently Selling in MP: Everything I own because this is good bye </3 All of my gold will be donated towards the best Guild ever in all of Gaia history -- The D-Party!!!! Thank you all for the help!


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