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I am the almighty Angelic Goddess Of Death aka pkkAngelz also known as Big b00bie Ouka

Welcome to my delightful store

I have items

You want items

I sell items

You buy items

Please do because:

1. You WANT to help my cause which is simply this: my avatar
2. You actually WANT my items
3. You absolutely have nothing else to do because what would make you WANT to be on a computer all day, seriously folks

exclaim EDIT exclaim

I want to thank you all for purchasing items from my shop as a donation to help out The D-Party during The GSNE (Gaian Sponsor Nudity Event).

I have successfully completed the event and all gold/items were given to the Charity Guild I was a Nudist for, The D-Party!!!

I want to thank you all for your support and I hope to see you again in future prospects!

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If you think my prices are too high then we can come to an agreement. Im not some jerk set out on riches and glories. Im just a simple woman who wants gold to help others out. If by lowering my prices will help you out then I just might be willing to do so but do realize that if its too low then how on earth am I suppose to help others out?


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