X I love to read, X X I love animals. X I love anime.X I love to drink, I am better person when I am drunk. X I love being drunk. X emotion_kirakira X I love all shades of blue and some shades of green.X X X Inhuman things and demons are my thing. XI smoke cigarettes... rarely. X X X I am a virgo. X X I love Halloween.X I love bubble tea.X I am very anti-social and introverted.X X X Bugs and tornadoes are my enemies .X X : K-pop is my forever love. I wish I was a lot more things, but I am not. X I like Hentai,Yaoi and Yuri. X I love me some Dashie games and the youtubes. emotion_awesome XMy eye color changes from different shades of brown, green hazel and amber X My favorite chocolate is the cadbury flake bar. X I love video games anime and stuffed animals.X X X X My favorite seasons are all seasons. X X I hate dry things. X XX X X X X X X I try like to make new clothes out of my old ones. X X IX X I can be as cold as winter, and as warm as the summer X X X I am single, I'd like to keep it that way. Unless somebody changes my mind X X X X I hate it when people give up. XX X X X X I watch horror movies. X X I watch Adult Swim and Toonami. X
X I love reading fanfiction and manga. X . X I get panic/ anxiety attacks. X X I love being alone. X X X X I am very negative, but I don't give a s**t.XX I can also be very positive, but that's very rare. X I have no life, and I like it. X Even if you do have a life, it's all a lie.X .X X I lost my mind a long time ago. X I like to tell the truth, but most of the time people don't like to hear it. neutral emotion_eyebrow emotion_puke emotion_puke emotion_0A0 If you'd like to learn anything else please tell me, typing is so like tiring.