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ImHotPink4ever Report | 06/30/2016 4:32 pm
What do you need??
Gorenza Report | 06/29/2016 9:02 pm
I would like to wish your guild a happy anniversary!
Gorenza Report | 06/28/2016 9:22 pm
*sigh* I will message you I don't think it will let me post hyper link on you wall. At least not the way I am attempting to do it.
Gorenza Report | 06/28/2016 9:21 pm
Thank you so very much for responding to my message. I have never made a hyper link before, well not on purpose anyway. After some research I think I figured it out. If not it's back to the drawing board.
*crosses fingers* I hope this works for you. .
Either way it's an interesting learning experience.
Gorenza Report | 06/28/2016 12:28 am
I was wondering if you would be kind enough to take a look.
Sau Rosie Report | 06/13/2016 8:21 am
Sau Rosie
I know right
user designed items are so pretty and pricey D: it breaks my heart
Sau Rosie Report | 06/13/2016 8:14 am
Sau Rosie here it is
I wouldn't worry about it it's way too pricey I'm hoping in a month or two that it'll deflate XD
Cerulean Miko Report | 06/12/2016 8:05 pm
Cerulean Miko
Thank you so much for the gift. Hugs. Also, thank you for the prayers.

I took my last antibiotic tonight. Moreover, I am feeling a lot better now.

Hope all is well with you.
JoyRose Report | 06/12/2016 6:52 am
No new joins there, either. Oh well. But the guild is quietly bubbling along. It's a very small guild (although somehow it frequently gets on the "popular guilds" list).
JoyRose Report | 06/11/2016 6:36 pm
I'm so sorry. I hope the weather warms up for you soon. My daughter says I'm solar powered - I do better in sunlight.

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I am over 18--yes and on gaia. But I am in a wonderful guild The Awesome Mature Gaians Guild. Its active and all the members I have met are super nice and kind.
I like making new friends so send me a random PM anytime. I do not like drama but peaceful situations. I live in Alaska right now. And I believe in Jesus Christ. I will not ever push my beliefs on you.


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