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The name is Krisa. I'm 21 years old. I graduated from Old Mill Senior High School on June 7th, 2008! (Hehe. 06-07-08 =3) I love music of every kind - EXCEPT RAP. That s**t is NOT music. My favorite colors are black and red. I attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke for two semesters (August 2008 to May 2009) as a Psychology major and have now transferred to Towson University, where I will continue to work toward my BA in Graphic Design.

I'm a pretty nice chick if you get to know me, and I don't go out of my way to piss people off. Well, not unless I'm PMSing or just don't like you.. but I usually give everyone a chance. I'm naturally affectionate, so I cuddle/huggle/snuggle/cling to EVERYONE that I'm friends with, and will sometimes take liberties with new people I meet. So girlies, I'm not trying to steal your man, mmkay?

I also don't like b***h fits (as you might read below). Usually, if you have something to say, I prefer you say it to me and get it all out in the open. Don't talk behind my back; be bigger than that. Also, chances are, whatever you have to say to me won't really hurt me at all, so PMing me to b***h me out for whatever reason will probably just wind up pissing YOU off more because I won't really give a s**t about what someone on the INTERNET thinks about me. Plzkthnx. =]

Oh yah. And you hackers who keep trying to get my password? Have fun trying. You haven't gotten it yet, and I've had.. hm... about 50 attempts in the past week? Nice. Get a life that doesn't revolve around making yourselves feel less shitty because you can rob an online account. Seriously.

Yeah, so all that stuff that I got back?
It's gone again. But the person was caught.
My items SHOULD be restored soon, according to admins.

All I need back is my Angelic Pendant.

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Name: Krisa-Bee <3
Status: Flyin' Solo.
Sex: Not Completely Sure.. Though Going By The Legions On My Chest, I Believe I'm A Girl.
Age: 21 - Mentally 5
Location: In those jeans <3
Height: 5'1 1/4"
Sexuality: Straighttttt
Member since: Nightmare Before Christmas became a cult. <3
This Towson Student is currently feeding her dinosaur.
Status: -deleted-

Current Song: "Stutter" -- Maroon 5

She Likes;;

Scratching ;], Cuddling, Kissing, Holding Hands, Screaming, Shopping, Doing Spazzy Hand Attacks On Random People, [ Penguins ] =O, Having Clear Skin XO, Summer Because It's Hawt, Massacres, Singing Cute Songs, Complimenting People Who Deserve It, Listening To Problems [Not b***h Fits], Trying To Help People When I Can, Eye Contact, Eye Candy, Bandannas, Tight Clothes, Stripy Socks, Glitter, Shiny Things

Mortal Kombat, Fairly Odd Parents. Ghosts, Being Hyper & Happy, Green Day, Tickling ^___^, Open Minded People, My Friends, Animals, Good Movies, Make-up, Hair s**t, That one Boy.. , Real People, Guys And Girls With Nice Emo Hair, Space, When People Call Her Cute, When He Calls Her "Cutie Pie" or "Kitten", Random Noise Fights [ Ibbish! ].

Oh && Her BIG Brother Jason [Fatty]. :] <3 <3 <3 <3

She Hates;;

CHEATERS!!, People Who Don't Realize They Don't Impress Her In Any Way, Not Seeing Her Besties For A Long Time, Distance, Sleeping Out, People Who Say They Hate Preps Then Say "Labels" And Also Then Follow With "Shallow-Minded People". Which Leads Her To Dislike -
Hypocrites [ She Is One ]
Gay Bashers
People Who Insult Her
The Fact She's Too Soft-hearted Sometimes
Being Back-Stabbed
Shallow Idiots
Loser Haters [ She Is A Loser <3 ]
Emo Hating People [ Cause Half Who Hate Are ]
Her Enemies

Fake *screams*, Boring People, People Who Think They Are Satanic Because They Own A Few Candles, Being All Squished And Contained, Some Ex-Boyfriends :]

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AIM - krisasweetx
MSN - kiyira@hotmail.com

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"It's easy; just hold it, let it go, and then pound it like a ninja." - Shipe smilies/icon_heart.gif

"Oh s**t; here comes the water . . . My converses!" - Miguel smilies/icon_heart.gif

Enterprise 21 - [ Kris, Steph, Matanda, Beef, Katelyn, Meg ]

"But It's Better If You Orgasm." - Yours Truly smilies/icon_heart.gif

"Yup. Your girlfriend's crazy. And you wanna reproduce with this woman?! Yeah.. You say that now. But then one day, you'll come home, and I'll be handcuffed to the sofa, yelling at a potted plant about what a slut the window is!" - Yours Truly smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Sessy Pocky Goodness <3

Krisa writes about random stuff. Tis rather interesting. Sometimes.



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thanks for buying! ^^
Larnius Von Fleming

Report | 05/14/2010 11:04 am

Larnius Von Fleming

*Random poke*

Because I felt like it

Report | 12/03/2008 8:29 am


belated happy b-day!
Pugnacious Banana

Report | 11/09/2008 11:02 am

Pugnacious Banana

hi, i like make-up and hair stuff too~

sorry, i was reading all your profile stuff so i thought i'd comment.

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I..didn't think I was being rude.

I appologise if I was, but I didn't think I was...

You can hate me if you want but I wanted to be your like friend.

But I guess now you hate me. Oh well.

Report | 11/09/2008 10:44 am


You should change the title if it isn't true... User Image

Report | 11/09/2008 10:39 am


Sorry, I thought you would since your topic says 2.1+ for art.

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I saw your request thread, are you interested in bidding in my joint art auction?

AB is 2 mil, and you get a total of 8 pieces of art!

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Quite an uneventful profile my krishy poo o-o;

Its a bad reflection of your life :3

Report | 10/07/2008 3:37 pm


It's pretty cool... A tad harder than last year, but w/e

And lol I'm gonna have to unlearn everything when I get to college, aren't I?

I knew those classes were no good.... lol

And you should drop by and kick some freshman butts. This will sound kinda weird, but they're dumbasses this year. Today alone, they set off 3 stink bombs. It was disgusting >.<


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