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This Is Just Who I Am...

I have been on Gaia since '04, so I've been around for a while.

I've recently found joy in recoloring items. Toxic/Veomous are on the top of my list. I feel they need special attention. Apparently Gaia thinks they all need to be punk items, but I feel they can be beautiful as well.
I collect schemes that make me happy. Toxic, Venomous, Sour, Crimson/Black, Melty, BYZ , Dusk Rose, Pumpkin, Candy Corn, Enchanted and Monochrome.

I collect creepy/Carnival items.. I don't know why, but I really like them...

I enjoy some anime... I probably should watch more since in recent years I've gotten behind. I also love reading.

I'm a HUGE GOT nerd and enjoy most fantasy related movies.

I'm also very friendly... I go out of my way for those I care about. I also enjoy random conversations.. Since I work from home I don't go out to the real world a whole lot during the week.. Hahaha...

I'm not the most interesting person, but I am worth knowing! emotion_kirakira

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The first art I received....

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This made me happy. Thanks to leeleecalgirl! heart

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Reaver Iaido Report | 05/26/2017 1:48 am
Reaver Iaido
~falls over and dies in awe of her beauty~ emotion_zombie
Reaver Iaido Report | 05/17/2017 10:11 pm
Reaver Iaido
Couldnt think of anything better emotion_kirakira
FriendlyFrogs Report | 05/04/2017 12:14 pm
biggrin you're welcome!! heart heart
Doc Arkham Report | 05/04/2017 8:25 am
Doc Arkham
Awe I'm glad you like them. I feel like I keep rotating through the same looks though. emotion_c8 emotion_bigheart
Reaver Iaido Report | 05/04/2017 6:28 am
Reaver Iaido
Ohh la la ~gets all cozy~ heart emotion_kirakira
Reaver Iaido Report | 05/03/2017 3:10 am
Reaver Iaido
G'day luv, wanna join me in my scarf, or sash wink emotion_dowant emotion_hug
Reaver Iaido Report | 05/02/2017 8:18 pm
Reaver Iaido
~snuggle glomp tackles and licks all over~ emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom emotion_omnomnom
Kaila-Kitty-666 Report | 04/28/2017 12:06 pm
The new kin in the cash shop really caught my eye because I love black and Crimson. Then I read it so cool you helped design it. How do people make items on gaia..Like I know about tickets,but how do you get them without spending alot of money irl.
Reaver Iaido Report | 04/23/2017 9:47 pm
Reaver Iaido
Rawr~~~~~ emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_yatta emotion_kirakira
Jinglybell Report | 04/21/2017 11:24 am
Oh nice. The purples under amethyst all seem to be slightly different shades though hah. Too bad the restrung amethyst marionette is just a tad off (I could probably get it to work) Dark Magician matches perfectly though!


Willing to collab on Toxic/Venomous projects!

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Art by Twinkles_The_Kat emotion_bigheart


Duh I can read I'm only playing the part of a stupid person!