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Registered: 10/11/2008

Gender: Female

Location: In your lap

Birthday: 06/08

Occupation: Homemaker

Thank you Section

Sephy- My Kiki Kitty! <33
Last Showdown- Lots. <33
Leo Shadow- Lots. <33
Scythe the Seraphim- Lots. <333
Swfft-special card
Rewritten Dreams- Forgotten Reverie <3
Alistair Krowe-various items
Lyle Tealeaf-lots
Sakaki Sensei- paid for art of us! <3
Anons-For being wonderful!
ll Zhuge Liang ll- Pink meido apron
Queen Kianra- rainbow mood bubble
Aleda Angelfire- Peace sign and Dizzy mood bubble
Lavender248- Paint mood bubble
Sakaki Sensei- barton, gambino, and Dango mood bubble
Rewritten Dreams- sludge mood bubble
TheblackcatLentheritia- cakey mood bubble
Rolfeyofrolfeyness- I'm shot mood bubble
angel baby 4- gothic passsion, princess bubblegum's wardrobe, style munitions <333
Loulicious-game time, teal bow, acorn, peapod, barton, hedgehog, and peace sign mood bubbles. <3
White Lyger- Punk Raven, Aquarium Stuffs
dcwttaoo1- Dumpling mood bubble
Almalexia- skittles crazy cores necklace, house bunny shoes, mimzy, mokona Hat, Marshmallow Snowman
Lavender248- Bonnie Ol' Clyde
Rewritten Dreams- full mood
Ziaqzum- LOTS, and Pepper and Mint
Serene sky- ugly step sister
Nashoba1- Barnaba's Crusade
Demonex Azrael- SDPlus #Azrael Random gift, THANK YOU! <3


THANK YOU to anyone I may have forgotten to add! Feel free to remind me! <3

My Gaia Life

I am a super affectionate angel kitten, and angel neko on gaia! I love hugs, nuzzles, and purrs! I give hugs freely! Feel free to hug me too!

I love comments, Im's, and pm's. I will always reply, but pm's may take me a LONG time to get back to you. It's in the 90%+ a lot of the time. emotion_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

I DO CONTACT PEOPLE ON GAIA MESSENGER! If you friend me, do expect to get contacted by me at some point! Or you can bling me instead. It's a lot faster and easier than comments OR pm's.

Quote me if you want a reply! It's how I keep in touch with conversations.

Tips are great, thank you, but it is not a proper reply in a conversation. If it's your reply, and you tip me without a response..the conversation dies. Please don't let it die!

I will continue to reply, and then have to vanish. This happens because that means I have your quote to reply to when I return. If good byes are said, conversation normally ends and doesn't pick back up again. It's not meant to be insulting, it just means I want to talk to you more later!

I comment to random people! I follow signatures and links to profiles/threads and Do read about the person, and Do comment! If I buy from your store and like your name and/or avie, I will go to your profile to tell you so! I am a Gaia-surfer!

I DO NOT take random friend requests. Talk to me first! It's not that hard, honestly! I don't bite.

I am used to dial up, and have not been on high speed long. I am new to zomg, booty grab, and just about everything! If you have tips to help me learn to make gold, please drop me a line!

I HATE cliques and threads that ignore people! I don't just stick in a thread though, I reply to those that quote me. But if you are ignored, quote me and I'll happily talk to you! I might notice you and quote you first! Cliques=bad!

I have a lot of friends because I talk a lot. Gaia lets you change your name so often it's hard to keep up. If you change your name, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! x.x I need to write it down, and even then it might take me a while to remember that the new name is you! If you are on other social sites, especially DA I will watch you, and then forget who you are on gaia when I go to Da to check my inbox. Just remind me please! (TO MANY NAMES! AAAAKKK!) Please alert me to mules as well. Friend's list doesn't need every account!

I am a gaia item collector addict. If I like it, I have to collect it. Here are the biggest themes I collect. I have a MASSIVE wish list, and it has cheap items on it too! If you have an urge, just buy something there, or follow this list here.

Things I collect on Gaia
*Unicorn/horse/equine-ish looking
*Animals, pets, plushies
*RAINBOW anything!
*Winter/Autumn Anything!
*Royal blue/silver (favorite color is royal/sapphire blue)
*Anything cute or delicious!
*Clothing Sets

I am questing Rainbow Pixie Wings, One Winged Soldier, Aurora Kitten star in that order. I have a quest thread that I need to make 'spiffy'. Any tips are appriciated!

gaia IM>Aim>yahoo>msn I will give out my names only to those I trust! Don't beg me for it.

Since everyone askes, Yes I have facebook, myspace,, I do not use them so don't ask please.

I LOOVE Da, but gaia distracts me from it. I love art in any possible way! If you give me art, I will put it in my journal! <33333333



The Real Me

<A tiny teacup sized six week old white kitten with medium length fur, tiny white feathered angel wings folded to her back, and a thick white fluffy tail looks up with bright royal blue eyes. An itty bitty pink cat collar with fake rinstones is half burried in her fur around her neck, and has a red heart tag with the letters "Angel Kitten" enscribed in white cursive that dangles from it. She waves a paw with a wide happy smile>

Hello there, welcome to my profile! =^_^= These are a few facts about me if you really want to know! Call me Kitten for it's the name I prefer, or Tk for tiny kitten or teacup kitten. Please don't call me Angel unless I give you special permission. And please..what EVER you do, DON'T. CALL. ME. BABY!!
(I wonder around in kitten form, and shift neko very often. Rarely used forms are white couger for defence, dire white couger for attack, and anthro white winged couger for special protection.

Facts about me behind the computer:

-Late 20's & HAPPILY married (please don't fall in love with me), and 3 year old daughter Silven Joy are my life! Silven is Celtic and I've always loved the name.

- Stay at home mom, quiet when actually meeting people, but SUPER social online! This kitten wonders!

-Borderline A.D.D. My focus can be sporadic, and 3 yr old is distracting. Please be patient! <3

-I am a born again Christian. I don't shove my views down your throat, don't shove yours down mine and get mad just because we don't agree. Disagreements don't mean we can't be friends though!

-Irl I AM a super affectionate person, and even more so online. If you don't want hugs/snuggles/nuzzles please tell me. I try to respect boundaries, but please forgive me if I forget at times. <sweatdrop>

-I care to the depths of my heart for a lot of people. I have been hurt a lot in the past for caring to much for people to quickly, so I will tend to be cautious at least in the begining. Don't give up, I love new friends! If you ever need a hug, I've got TONS! I have LOTS of gaia friends because I talk a lot. If you haven't heard from me in a while, DROP ME A LINE! I forget!

-I HAAATE jealousy! I've lost more friends online and irl over jealous 'significant others' than anything else.

-Respect is key. I DO NOT tolerate trolls or jerks. If you like to make people mad, you need a new hobby. If you think I'm wrong or critique me then say so respectfully, and I will do the same for you.

-I love people who can hold an intelegent conversation. We can have a discussion civily without being rude or agruing about it.

-Understanding and compassion are very useful tools. I use them, please do the same.

-BIG role player of 10+ years, and I type in paragraphS. I have played table top with paper and dice, free form in forums/chat online, and even rpg video games. It is a rare occurance when I do 'actual' rp on gaia. If I do actions < >, it's ME..NOT A ROLE PLAY! If I role play, trust will KNOW!

-I am a furry. I am a grown woman who finds her personality much like felines, and actually winged unicorns. It represents my spirit, and so I portray myself as such. I do not have sex with animals or such acts. If you have close minded views about this, then DON'T TALK TO ME.

-I am a BIG animal lover! Favorite being Unicorns, horses, carrousels, pegasi, ect. I do collect ANYTHING that has them, and that includes gaia items! I also love cats and dogs of course!

-LOVE HORSE BACK RIDING! <33 Love-Camping, climbing, hiking, fishing, swimming, skiing and tubing (floating on inter tube down a river) Things to do before I die- sky diving, jet skiing, parasailing, canooing, white water rafting, and spelunking. (exploring caves)

-Love Anime but bad with names and to broke to watch much. Time usually spent on gaia. Bleach, Naruto, and Sailor Moon to name a few. I do NOT like depressing story lines or endings. I don't like to cry! I do enjoy certain hentai on occation.

-I HATE YAOI! Enough said!

-I LOVE movies and books! Supernatural and Fantasy mostly, some sci-fi and modern. Love Laurel K. Hamilton!

-I LOVE culture! Favorite- Celts. Collect music, weapons, jewelry, and especially LEGENDS! Love- Native American, greek/roman patheons, norse, egyptian, and the Azetc/central american indians. I am not well versed in any of them, though I am willing to learn if you want to tell me anything!

-I am a BIG collecter, hoarder, pack rat, ect. x.x I even made a list of all the things I collect. <sweat drop> Same goes for Gaia!

-Keep your Inner child close and you will never grow old! I love MY LITTLE PONIES!! The originial is best, but the new Friendship is Magic show is ok. Love Popples, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake (original), and Lady Lovelylocks.

-I love Crayola and artzy stuff, swings, all things nature and star gazing at night! I love 'useless' facts, but to me aren't so useless!

If you have read through all this you get..<throws confettii> Cake, ice cream, and cookies! Of course hugs and lovings from me if you want them. smilies/icon_wink.gif The last thing I have to say is, I hate gaia's inflation!! I think it sucks, and is ruining the fun of the game. It's supposed to be FREE, but they are just getting so DAMNED GREEDY!! x.x Say NO to inflation people!!

If you donate gold or items to me, I put you in my 'thank you' section! smilies/icon_heart.gif
Well, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you soon! <waves, purrs> BYE!


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angel allure Report | 06/12/2016 3:08 pm
angel allure
Thank you, sweetheart! We're back from the trip, but the hubby took the camera with him, so I'm having to wait before I'm able to upload any pictures for you. He promised to leave it behind, after this trip, so I should be able to take more random shots eventually. hehe emotion_bigheart
Cat Sapphire Report | 06/09/2016 7:32 pm
Cat Sapphire
Congrats! I know it's hard sharing a computer and now you can get online whenever you want. cat_3nodding
Cat Sapphire Report | 06/04/2016 6:26 pm
Cat Sapphire
Congrats on the new computer! What kind did you get?
I'd love a new one if I could afford it. I'd like to be able to play some games on pc.
Cat Sapphire Report | 05/31/2016 2:46 pm
Cat Sapphire
Hey, sweetheart! Thank-you. It's been a long time! I'm doing well, how about you?
OMGitsChara Report | 03/27/2016 9:33 pm
^^;; I've just been here and there ^_^
angel allure Report | 03/15/2016 1:14 pm
angel allure
Thank you, sweetie! Your's is looking extra cute, as well. How are you doing? emotion_bigheart
OMGitsChara Report | 03/15/2016 12:08 pm
heart I'll add you ^_^
angel allure Report | 02/17/2016 10:56 am
angel allure
heart heart heart
angel allure Report | 01/11/2016 1:35 pm
angel allure
Artica Ninetails Report | 01/04/2016 11:09 am
Artica Ninetails
poke. i'm back che're. heart

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Realistic and Closest how I look around gaia Art

DRAW ME, please?

Main form- teacup white angel kitten with white feathered angel wings that have rainbow highlights, wide bright-royal blue eyes, pink cat collar with fake rhinestones, red heart tag with name Angel Kitten in flowing white script, and a super DUPER fluffy tail.

Second main form- Neko. Same ears, tail, eyes, same wings only larger, white fluffy hair, and pale skin.
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(it needs paler skin and fluffier tail, but over all mostly accurate)

Lettering on Heart tag looks like this.



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Kitten's paw prints

This journal will be a basic update on me at times. Will not be done often, but when ever I can remember to do it. I am so not good at keeping a journal. For now it is just to touch base on occation. Mew!


Quote Me Please, if you want a reply. I may be slow to reply.

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Scythe the Seraphim.
Rewritten Dreams
Queen Kianra
Leos Shadow
itty bitty north kitty
Cheeky Chi
aphelia the vampire
lemon assassin
Cat Sapphire
Ruby Blaze

Awesome person, and altered my beautiful avie!

Drew this amazingly realistic kitten!

First to draw me as pokemon!!

Creates teacups and cupcakes! Go check out her shop!