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Are you actually reading this? I don't think people actually read these things... Okay then...Hello there. If you're wondering I'm a guy. Isn't that obvious? I'm single,but not really looking for a relationship.Unless you're persistent.smilies/icon_wink.gif I'd love that, personally. I need love from anyone other than family. I think I'm a nice guy, although I do tend to get angry quickly. I am almost understanding of any situation, and I think that's one of my strong points. And if I, the nice guy, don't like you, you it might be because you're an idiot. If there is one thing I can't stand,it's idiots. Seriously.

It's called Angel Dynasty from now on. I've gone by names leerocks1,AngelofPain12, and one other name I can't think of. Just in case you're looking for me. I live in the U.S.,and if you're wondering exactly,let me cure your curiosity and say North Carolina. I'm a Tarus, if that means anything to you. I am a big anime fan,especially when comes to the 'big three' of anime. But let me stress that my favorite anime right now is the World God Only Knows. Completely love that show to death. Keima Katsuragi for the win.
You know.(Bleach,Naruto, One piece.)~Awesome anime by the by. Not my Favorites, but, if your anime fan, you expect me to say I like at least one of these anyway. Really do love to sit hours on end and just watch anime..... If only it's good. I am super into roleplay, and I am willing to do the PM thing if necessary. I usually match whoever that I happen to be role-playing with. But there are limits to what I will roleplay. I also think that I have great taste in music, being able to listen to Frenchouse, Rap, Rock, and Jazz, while not choosing the "artists everyone seems to like." I have my own taste in music. I am currently under art training, ((always trying to be better on that one)) and anyone wanting to help on that please make that known. I'd love it. Also under training for the Yugioh Card-game YCS tournament. Yes, I play Yugioh. One of the best things I'm awesome at. Mostly because I'm very intelligent, or at least, in my personal opinion. Don't comment if you're planning on spewing hate. I got enough to deal with as it is, I don't have time for it, and I'm going to ignore you anyway, so don't begin to waste your time. Matter of fact if you are here, why?? Breathe someone else's air.
Anyway, I'm a nice enough person to talk to, so just send my a message you if you want to talk.


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starburst6_30 Report | 09/02/2013 8:53 am
what system?
starburst6_30 Report | 08/31/2013 7:17 pm
The system?
starburst6_30 Report | 08/30/2013 8:48 pm
chea biggrin how school, didnt you guys just started
starburst6_30 Report | 08/28/2013 5:02 pm
my niece did it haha
starburst6_30 Report | 08/25/2013 5:07 pm
I hate being a female -___- god I have to wait 10 more days to change back
starburst6_30 Report | 08/13/2013 4:53 pm
your avy looks a little complicated O..O

i shall add you!

whats your classes? You know?
starburst6_30 Report | 08/13/2013 9:28 am
have you been on duelnetwork or dev pro?
starburst6_30 Report | 08/13/2013 9:08 am
eh, stuff happens haha you ready to go back to school?
starburst6_30 Report | 08/13/2013 7:14 am
yea I still got a long way a head of me
starburst6_30 Report | 08/12/2013 4:45 pm
i moved near beatties ford. Now, :/


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