I'm awkward, shy, and straight up weird tbh.

bb Q and white Andy are my bes prens.

Honestly I never had a friend that I felt so close to before. He gets me, and accepts me for who I am. We're basically carbon copies of each other it's funny. It's like I've known him for years, the first time we talked we instantly clicked. This is probably cheesy as ******** but I'm glad we met.

If you're reading this Q I hope u choke on air cause u suck k.

Ask for Skype, SC, and PSN.


Oh and my name is Andy.
I enjoy music, I'm Asian, and I'm really short k.
pls get to know me before anything else k.

I'm v lame k.

I make mistakes.

My eyes r as black as my soul tbh.

My Face.

I like to sleep. Sleep is life.

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Andy pls