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"You have to be odd to be number one." - Dr. Seuss.

Still coming out of the shell, It's been a few years but I'm getting there lol. Awkwardness is a part of me, you're going to have to get used to it if you want to get to know me better! Anyways, my name is Andy nice to meet'cha! I'm 19 and currently living in LA. Don't let my stupidity get to you, I don't know how to converse. I've been a hermit pretty much all my life.. That being said, I'm quite fond of video games, been playing them all my life. From the NES days to PS4 today I'm gathering quite a collection. It's taken a huge part of my life and anybody that has interests in it is automatically a friend of mine!

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I'm not up to date, my jokes are lame, and I get nervous pretty easily. I love to talk to people, but for some reason it's easy for me to find everyone intimidating. (I couldn't even look at my teachers in the eye when I spoke to them.) Maybe it came with the height? I'm 5'2. arhghagfh.

You're here to know more about me right? Well... I like to listen to music pretty much anytime of the day. I'll listen to anything as long as its catchy or something that I can chill too. I love Asian foods. (oh I'm Viet/Chinese lolk.) I ran out of things to say. You can just ask me things!

oh and here's my face.

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Random stuff I missed lol.

Favorite color - black, white, grey, and red.
PSN- Cewkeh
Snapchat- Cewkeh
Skype- Cewkehnov4
If you ever have any music recommendations feel free to tell me!


"Nec possum
tecum vivere,
nec sine te." ~ Martial Epigrams XII.46