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18. high school student. stressed.

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"The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.." - ♥

p.s. officially busy (preparing for college!) :c i met a lot of great/awesome people here - you know who you guys are d: - and thank you so much for making me laugh (a hella lot lol) and smile, if it wasn't for you guys i would've quit ages ago haha..
but i have to take my leave. thanks again for everything c': i might come back for a bit to reply to messages when i have the time to so gl on catching me on here!


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The amazing Chippeh was here~
Since 2011, till now. You're still a hella rad person!
Thank you very much for being an amazing person and friend ; u ;

p.s. thanks chip for the codes o u o and especially thanks for being there for me when i needed you c:


♥ Peek-A-Boo ♡