My name is Ana! I was on Gaia a long time ago, and had let a friend watch my account while I took care of my grandmother... Well, after coming back years later, I come to find out I have been wiped clean. D:

So, I am making it my quest to get all the items ( that I can remember. ^^') back! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

I take all donations!

Here are the links to my threads:

My Donation Page!

My Art Page!

My Sign Page!

I love comments! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

And random friend requests!

So please, feel free to add me! ^____^

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Total Value: 5,422,580 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Kottan Bell
Black And White Rocker Tie
Decayed Skullheads
Bad Dog Leash
Those Black 90s Gloves
Raider Shih\'s Garment
Pale Pascal l\'artiste
Little Lucie
Kottan Bell
Monochrome Keido
Scarlet Mist
Kottan Bell

My dream avatar!


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Report | 03/24/2012 3:00 pm


omigosh that was the best comment i got on gaia!!!! 4laugh

Report | 03/24/2012 12:10 pm


i LOVE your hair!!!
Pharaoh Misa

Report | 03/15/2012 7:33 am

Pharaoh Misa

Thanks for the buy, enjoy the turtle, and please return for more items!
Moonbeam City

Report | 03/14/2012 9:33 pm

Moonbeam City

thanks for the buy!

Report | 03/11/2012 3:51 am


^_^ Aye... nice to meet you also! Thankyou for the milk, goes wonderfully with cookies!

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Hello there... no one's responding because your thread's misplaced and no one seems to want to break the rules by posting.

*gives cake of some sort* Hello, sorry for being the bringer of bad news, but yeah, that's probably why. Also, brill avatar! ^_^
little miss lizzie87

Report | 03/09/2012 5:38 am

little miss lizzie87

Thank you for your purchase. Have a nice day. biggrin
Tanomi no Tsuna

Report | 03/08/2012 3:06 pm

Tanomi no Tsuna

fine, thanks,,,
just survive from a ordinary daymmm blaugh
Tanomi no Tsuna

Report | 03/07/2012 11:13 pm

Tanomi no Tsuna

oh, bad news,,
sorry, i didn't know about that,,, cry
Tanomi no Tsuna

Report | 03/07/2012 5:08 pm

Tanomi no Tsuna

why you not reply the meebo chat? crying
feel bad


I do signs, drawings and short stories!

I am currently Questing:

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I take all donations.

My stores! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
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