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~ In memory of our warm friendship heart ~

gaia_angelright Quick summary about me:

- I do not accept random friend requests! My buddylist is for people who have earned my honor and respect over time. I don't care how popular you are, respect from me is *earned* not given.

- I am a grown lady, white American, married and a caring mother to my family.

- I work as a head nurse in real life, healing the sick and saving lives.

- I volunteer in my local church's soup kitchen with my daughter every week. Yes, we do God's work in feeding the poor and homeless.

- I am extremely devout, to the point where I don't like demon or devil stuff. I respect my friends' likes, though.

- I hate pork, alcohol and smoking. Never had any of those for years IRL, hence my body is always clean and healthy (and I'm proud of it!) I can, however, drink alcohol in roleplays and PC/video games only.

- I love cute and cool avatar art! heart I also like watching anime, reading manga and playing puzzle, RPG and adventure games. My family have all been adventurers since getting into D&D.

- If you gift me, you'll earn my respect depending on the item and its quality. Very common/trash items will not get you much unless you're donating for my charity or quest. Also, don't think you can just gift your way into friendship. Money doesn't buy true friends!

- I like profile comments except rude ones. I reserve the right to delete any profile comments that I deem rude or inappropriate!

- I strongly dislike coarse, vulgar language or chat-speak. If you speak to me with those words, you'll likely have a low chance of getting a response from me.

- I'm a busy woman, don't flood my Inbox with unnecessary PMs unless you are already in my buddylist. If you want to chat with me casually, please do it in the forums or chatroom. Sending me a PM when I don't know you well is like asking for an audience from my busy schedule. While I will listen to what you want to say, I may not always respond, nor do I like being pestered about.

- If you do anything that bothers or displeases me a lot, I will never forget it. This will heavily influence my future interactions with you: I'm less likely to be cooperative, supportive or amiable towards you in forums or zOMG, or accept your apologies depending on the severity of the damage you've caused. Therefore, think twice before you speak to me or act to avoid getting into my bad books.

- If you are already in my bad books but wish to reconcile, I will listen to your apologies if you speak them humbly, calmly and fluently. By the Holy Book, Forgiveness is earned through Repentance.

- I do not like racists, backstabbers, backbiters, people who take advantage of others for their own benefit or who play with human lives. If I see you doing that, my respect for you will go down drastically.


gaia_angelright Other Info:

Name: Anamosa Valentine
Race: Elven (Genetically Enhanced)
Preferred Classes: Arcane Spellcaster, Arcane Archer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Likes: Cakes, sushi, avatar art, cranberry juice, mapo tofu
Dislikes: Pork, alcohol, smokers, dirty language, harassers and elitists

Favorite color: Crimson
Favorite cars: My red 1999 Corvette (kinda old now), Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Favorite Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X13A Providence

Pokemon Status: Retired
Duelist Status: Retired
Currently Plays: Nintendo DS

Implied Personality:
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gaia_star Thank you for visiting my profile page, and have a good day!

~A. Valentine

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My Quilt

~Quilt removed due to many profiles shut down or inactive for a long time. Maybe I'll make a new one later in the future~


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Takkita Report | 04/30/2017 11:19 am
Just dropping a hiyas! "hiyas!"
phoebe-chan Report | 04/29/2017 7:08 pm
Thank you. I like your nurse avatar it's cute.
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/28/2017 7:34 am
Odd Cinderella
Nice. smile
Noelle_chanX3 Report | 04/27/2017 2:31 pm
Thank you ^^
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/27/2017 1:20 am
Odd Cinderella
Super Hero Gaia-tan. Lol. Yes. She is mixed with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.
`Hydro Report | 04/26/2017 8:58 am
but your avatar is always cute
Everyday Songs Report | 04/24/2017 8:38 pm
Everyday Songs
Thanks! Your avatar's cute too!
Chroma_La_Fey Report | 04/24/2017 12:38 pm
Thanks for the purchase!
Elyndria Report | 04/23/2017 10:25 pm

That's my second favorite Gundam! Seed and Wing were the best imo.

Elyndria Report | 04/23/2017 10:20 pm

Gundams are pretty great! My favorite is the Aegis from Wing. That thing is crazy awesome!


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