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> Interesting things: Various mythologies, weird Japanese things, the paranormal, maths, Pokemon, writing, Waifu Wars Fire Emblem, Touhou Project, Megaten, obscure RPGs, horror-cute aesthetics, guro, H.P Lovecraft and other similar novelists, tiny birds, computer science, novels, novels that aren't based around romance or waste a good plot just for 'luvins', visual novels, books in general, steampunk, the (´・ω・`) emoticon, bak kut teh, video game OSTs, flowers, cold colours, useless trivia, YTPMVS (and probably other stuff too)....

>Can and will attack you with puns at any given moment.

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> Also a chronic procrastinator. (_ _。|||)

> I'm not the most courageous, nor do I have the highest self-esteem. I do however, like having friends. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

>When referring to me, use the name Owen. When referring to my OCs, use their respective names in the signature.

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lol eyyyy it me


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Please bear the messiness, as I'm working to revamp this! ><;;
This section's pretty outdated! I'll update it soon! eventually. maybe.

Whoa what? You're on my profile? Well okay then.
I'm just a simple RPer with simple needs okay. My username is the name of my main Gaia character. Well, it used to, but people confusing the character with it's creator, so I changed it. whee

I usually use dark and troubling avatars, but I do create more light-hearted characters as well! Don't shy away because of how my characters act, I'm actually a really friendly user and I'm up on RP-ing or just chatting if that's your cup of tea with a buttered scone on expensive china. All my characters are in the same universe unless stated otherwise in their profile.

My current characters (PM me if you want me to RP as a specific character):
Amyntas: Third subject of the Retrospective Reincarnation Project, and Kyriaki's "twin brother". Having his emotions essentially neutralized (read: near outright removed) has made him a soldier who slaughters without remorse. However, he is usually docile and silent, only responding when ordered or talked to.

Delores Frandoll: Vampiric-demon tarot-reader and suave as ******** deadpan snarker with elaborate outfits and a PH.D in androgyny.
Endymion Stressed-out, pissed-off and overworked warden of Hell with a bitchin' hat.
Ikagaru-chan: Mahou Shoujo of squidiness. Now with 5% more squids! Also not a tentacle raep monster!
Kyriaki: A curious, quiet eldritch abomination who has a love for ice cream. While not as strong as her "brother", she's twice as mentally stable as Lysander.
Lysander: Warm-hearted with a half-rotted brain eldritch abomination who just wants friends and cats.
Philetheo: Used to be an angel, but is now a hermaphroditic fire salamander. Keeps the fire pits nice and toasty. Has a pet fire spirit.
Ringo:Anthropomorphic apple who literally cries, sweats and pisses apple juice and cider.
Satou Teiko: Just an ordinary genre-savvy high school student -reporter-postwoman. Has a weird obsession with squids and is the human form of Ikagaru-chan.
Shiori Honoka: a**-kicking sword-toting disciplinarian with a wide knowledge what is and isn't right in a school environment. She has no powers, but is skilled in wielding most types of weapons, allowing her to fight schoolyard disputes by day, and your run of the mill anime abominations by night.
Stella Salmhofer: An amnesiac, judgmental nun who had been cursed with the power of seeing the true self, damned by her own church. She's a recluse and occasionally dabbles in alchemy, mostly to ward off her...other self.
The Boy and The World's Stage Running On Clockwork:

Celeste: Record-keeper of the world's history and thirteenth reincarnation of the original one. Known (or rather, unknown) for his lack of noticability and horrible cycle of good and bad luck and his power over memories. Oh yeah, he's a boy. In a lineage filled with girls.
Clockwork Doll: A wind-up god doll who can grant any desire, no matter how illogical it may be. It is unknown what her true intentions for doing so are.
Tick-Tock Man: A border-controlling being existing in a parallel universe where someone in Celeste's lineage or the boy himself broke the curse. However, centuries of immortality have only caused him to lust for the embrace of death. He takes the appearance of the current incarnation of the lineage.

I'd like to thank all of my anons and gifters (especially TD&S, you stay awesome. >u< wink Even though I don't usual make threads about your deeds, your kindness has been well appreciated! (´・ω・`)

Umbreon background made by Cryptovolans.


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Okami Tenrou Report | 08/15/2017 5:51 pm
Okami Tenrou
Yeah, I'm hoping by next week my schedule calms down enough for me to actually come on + start being active again because I'm only supposed to work 3 days a week or so. Not the currently 5 days a week I'm supposed to. =_= Also I got notified I have to report for Jury duty yaaaaay! But the notice specifically asks I do not bring any knitting needles into the courtroom, and I'm an avid knitter so boo... *more moping*

PSH! You know Cu Alter secretly loves it. He's just too self-conscious to admit any of those things. = w= Although his one true love will always be bloodlust and slaughter, that's for sure hehe. PSHH those legs are too skinny to be Medjed! Gotta be thicc like these! I love Saber Fran so much, she cuts apart the mobs with a pair of giant glowing scissors! And yes, thank you for putting her on support so I could try her! ;n;7 And yup, she's amazing with that NP spam. I guess since I couldn't roll her, I can at least try to get that upcoming CE even though she's only in the background. Poor Babbage, he really had it rough this event but he is and forever be a locomotive. Maybe I can get her next year!!

LOL nice nice, Cu definitely looks super dapper in that one. Top hat and all! = w= And hey, if you believe he will come eventually! OnO It worked for me and Ozy, although he ended up coming on the wrong account. sweatdrop And yup, but then again some of those Chinese rerollers have over 100+ accounts (those guys are dedicated) so if you have the will you can achieve! Before being banned by DW for botting of course. = w=b

Haha it's fine! Although the mental image of Celeste talking about "gains" and trying to flex in a mirror is just too funny. Maybe he can try some pickup lines, like read off his book "Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material." Although I think if he acted this way Cyane's first reaction would be there is something suspicious, maybe he got possessed by some evil spirit that's desperate to act Alpha? And cue poor Celeste tied up and forced to undergo an exorcism. emotion_8c Pshh it's why it would be absolutely hilarious!

So I might not be able to start this week, but once my schedule clears up next week and I'm not struggling as much at the hospital we can start! OuOb Would you prefer it to be in a thread or possibly a RP guild? I'm fine with either. x3
Okami Tenrou Report | 08/09/2017 8:46 pm
Okami Tenrou
So once more sorry for the looong period away. Now I'm working both 430 to 1 but also taking online classes. So my life just got wonderfully more busy. emotion_awesome Thank god for coffee though, I never realized just how essential it can be as a lifeblood for those long working days.

Holy imagine just how crazy it would get if Kintoki, Cu Alter, and now Nobu joined forces to create the ultimate in heavy metal music. DX It would probably be crazy enough to given even the joined forces of Elizabeth and Nero a run for their money! O_O Speaking of desire sensors I decided to try my luck and spend 10 quartz because Saber Fran is adorable (she calls Moriarty "Papa" ;n; ). Instead the gatcha decies to give me every single new card in the game except for Fran. Just... how!! OAO;;; At least on my main I now have a five star in every single support slot after 2 years of playing. =_= Currently just praying that my luck doesn't break down when Meido Alter finally comes out, gaah! How come every time I've so far rolled in game for Saber Alter I've always been spooked by a 5 star instead (first it was Kintoki, then Jack, now Nero??)

Go with favorites! ;n;7 I ended up picking Arthur and Sherlock, but I know some crazy people are trying to complete their entire dex in game. I don't know if I can go that crazy haha! And the Moriarty CE should have them both die, only for Sherlock to come back to life mysteriously and scare everyone (just like in the book pfft)

Hehe you can say Kanata is really unlucky. And he and Cyane don't get along either so if they see each other no doubt they might start a fight. Or maybe if Celeste is there she'll try to control her temper, being a good role model and not getting the police called on her and all. More of the latter than the former. = w=
Petty Pizza Problemz Report | 08/03/2017 11:14 pm
Petty Pizza Problemz
Okami Tenrou Report | 07/29/2017 5:35 pm
Okami Tenrou
Believe me, I want to come on here more often. But the hospital has been so busy I'm working on part time pay with full time hours. =n= And next week they want me to start coming in at 4am to help out with the morning rush. Wheee~~ Aww, did the nurse use a butterfly needle at least? It's easier to use them to hit a vein than those other needles. But some places won't use them unless you specifically ask because they're el cheepos =n=

Cons are, but after going to so many I've pretty much figured out the secret is just to plan way way ahead. Do you want to go ___ Panel? High, mid, or low priority? Are there other events going on at the same time? How big of an event is it? At AX at least, for the FGO event I came around 2 hours earlier to get in line (yay for portable batteries) and got in without issue. But I cringed so hard at the guy complaining how he came 15 mins before and got denied because there wasn't any room left. Like there are people waiting 3+hrs for a reason here! And this wasn't even the most popular event, the Persona and FF places had people waiting many many hours before!

Ooh did you see the new summer servant designs btw? With rockstar Nobu? I'm so tempted to whale for the Maid Saber Alter tho, especially since since she has a firearm, gaah! But I have serious bad luck with Saber Alter though, every time I roll for her when there's a rate up I get a random 5 star instead (first time Kintoki, second time MHX, third time Jack). Hopefully the next stream they have tonight will feature the male servants supposed to be introduced. Although they'll probably be skins as opposed to full servants.

Also did you managed to pick which servant card you want? I ended up going with Arthur on my main, and Sherlock on my alt (the irony the CE came out before he even makes it as a servant lol). Although I love Meph's and Mozart's designs actually. They look so much less creepy than their card counterparts. =n= But dang, now I want to pair Sherlock with my Moriarty just to see what kind of drama they'll get into. Complex logic battles, then a final fistfight just like in the books. ouob

Okay, so at least have some previous interactions. Waa she's going to be all tsuntsun until he cries, then once he breaks down start panicking and processing just what exactly did she do! OAO Maybe that's one of the things she has sharpied on her arm, "bring tissues" hehe! Actually is she still going to forget him every time they meet? It would make an interesting mystery, ie who is this kid who seems to remember her and why are her arms covered in writings.

Oh god, tell me about it. In one of my RPs I have like... 3 characters with names starting with R running around. I don't know how it happened, it just... happened. eek LOL who hasn't Kanata gotten on the bad side of? But yeah, he needs to escape, accidentally stumbles onto Stella, and somehow "negotiates" for a safe haven until things calm down, if ever. emotion_awesome
Okami Tenrou Report | 07/19/2017 1:47 pm
Okami Tenrou
Sorry for the late reply. The past week has been crazy with doing my drug screening + getting my immunizations ready before I start my job. =n= The nurse who gave me my Hep B shot accidentally left the needle unscrewed so when she pressed down the stuff just squirted everywhere. So guess who had to get a second shot and a double sore shoulder? But hopefully that's it for now and I finally have time to come on here, graa!

And yup, as cute as Medea is I don't think I'll ever wear something like that in public. x_x But that friend of mine really is crazy. Guy is planning on volunteering at Comic Con SD this year too, whos 10+ hour lines make the 4hr wait at AX look like nothing. People even bring sleeping bags. eek Although I told him if he manages to see any Lucifer + Tom Ellis stuff to let me know, huur. wink My friend and I have been fangirling him hard for the past year now.

Oh god, no G string Raikou please! ;A; I prefer her when she's in her "motherly" personality, at least she seems like a real person then! But I'm glad this year it seems DW is at least trying to bring in more male fanservice, with Shinjuku and the Vday dialogues so I hope they do the same with the summer even too. Of course I don't expect there to be any JoJo-muscular guys too, except maybe for Kintoki cause he's so funny. And yes, I want to see the Camelot guys in suits like the As You Wish CE! These new costumes make me so excited, I can't wait! ;n; *scratches at DW to speed things up* OAO Rider Koujiro with his temple bromance when???

Hehe yup, expect Cy to be yelling at Celeste a lot both trying to toughen up his passive attitude and out of fear of her impending death. Should we have them already be familiar with each other or start off as strangers? With Kanata though he does have a prior platonic (although badly ended) relationship with Cy, so that can add in some additional comedy. Actually holy crap I just realized I had Kanata and Kyanos mixed up, I'm sorry. Kanata was the one who had the relationship with Stella right? DXXX Bird brained playboy hehe.

And sure, just PM me an address when you're ready! In the meantime I'll set one aside for you OuOb As much as I love Fate by the end of Con I was calling them "those damn lanyards" due to the amount of drama they were drumming up too. x_x
Okami Tenrou Report | 07/10/2017 9:34 pm
Okami Tenrou
Actually it was Medea. You could roll for all the original F/SN servants + Jeanne. I had a friend go back into line multiple times so he could try and get them all. Too bad I wasn't that crazy. XDDD; Yup, I was definitely counting my blessings this year. I mean I had some rough moments last year but this was the first time I actually got yelled/cussed at. Some of my coworkers were in tears by the end of the shift. Just hope next year it gets better, like they put more security inside than outside. :<

Lanzer and Zero Omega didn't really say much that was interesting tbh. The items they showed had pretty much all been released at that point too. Most interesting was the livestream Q&A, but I'm guilty to admit that day I was pretty much too tired to pay attention. orz What you get for standing for 6+ days in a row. I did get a good deal on the Genkimix Kitten Star pins since I was buying them in bulk (yay for early Christmas gifts!)

EXACTLY! And since Wu's NP gives her a crit dmg bonus as well it means you can get scary crits for everyone! blaugh Oh god, I don't know how eager I would be for Swimsuit Raikou. IIRC her artist is actually well known for his hentai doujins, so I would be expecting something super err... you know. x_x Although since they announced they will be adding servant skins now starting with Mashu maybe that's what they're going to come up with. I still want my fishingpole Cu and speedo Emiya. OnO Although I know summers are usually exclusive for female characters I really do hope they add more male bonuses as well. Guys need to enjoy the beach too! = w= Speaking of which I want my ProtoGil and Perseus already grr!

Yup, the My Room lines are going to be a hoot. emotion_awesome And speaking of Achilles have you watched the first episode of Fate/Apocrypha yet? I'm kind of surprised they're releasing it now even though two of the servants are still waiting to be released (Achilles and Avicebron iirc). So far it looks good, I just hope they don't end up just focusing on Jeanne. Ooh Kojirou the Witch Slayer sounds really interesting. Too bad he has the Caster class weakness hehe. But I honestly can't see Abigail as any other class except a possible Caster or Assassin. Hmm maybe the next class bonus would have something to do with traits? I don't think there really is a "witch" trait though so maybe bonuses to Caster-class servants? Ooh, what about Voodoo magic too, like with Marie Laveau? I mean they were present in America too. Now I'm getting all excited, waah!

LOL it's fine, I can still read it! OuOb Hmm, Mage and Client sounds interesting! I really do miss interacting with Celeste, and it's definitely a role Cy can perform. There's also Stella and Kyanos too although their relationship might be more violent for obvious reasons. ^^; And no worries, please take your time. I'm actually starting a new job in a few weeks so I know what you mean, the pressure is everywhere. =n=
Also if you want one of those rage inducing FGO lanyards let me know. We volunteers were allowed to take a bunch of them home, heh. = w=
Okami Tenrou Report | 07/06/2017 11:54 pm
Okami Tenrou
Yup, I managed to get a Caster pin from the gacha! Kind of sad I didn't go back and try it again though. My friend went multiple times in an attempt to collect all the badges, but he couldn't get Caster and Ruler. x_x The FGO panal was fun too, they screened the new dub version of the OVA (the voices are a LOT better than the UBW ones *cough rin cough*) along with giving us a photocopy version of Saber's voice actress's autograph.

LOL I tried but when you have over 100k+ people all screaming for FGO lanyards it's tough. ;A; I would have definitely appreciated a Barbatos pillar to protect me and destroy the masses, wahahaha!! But it's funny how Cons bring out the best and worst in people. The people I worked with were amazing and so nice. And then there were some... not so nice people. Oh well, at least I managed to meet Zero Omega and Lanzer so I could ask them where my Sakura Fluff is. xP

Thank you, I really want to try out that whole team Quick up skill she has! Sounds so broken when you pair it up with Jack + Moriarty. And tbh if I had to pick between Raikou and Scheherazade in terms of design, I would pick Scheherazade since even with her curves her art looks more... proportional? Raikou's art always weirds me out with the water balloon boobs despite how good she is. XDDD; But yeah Scheherazade is definitely a future candidate for some strengthening quests. I'm hoping she becomes more of a debuffer/staller, kind of similar to a Caster Shuten. Since she's not suited for offense at all. ._.
From what I recall from reading the Iliad back in high school, she was this Amazoness who tried to challenge Achilles during the Trojan war. Achilles was a jerk though and simply blindsided her instead of giving her a formal one on one battle. It wasn't until he took off her helmet and realized who she was that he fell in love and felt guilty over her corpse. So I guess she holds a grudge against him because of the disrespect in battle and how he further shames her by feeling guilt over it. Also the possible defilement of her corpse, because some versions talk about him loving her so... *cough* gonk

It's funny, Kojirou was one of the featured servants at the FGO booth at AX yet he's the only one who doesn't have an upgrade yet, poor guy. Ooh I can't wait to see an Abigall Hobbs servant as well for Salem. They really need more lower star servants too. Columbus was a really interesting addition this time, I really didn't expect him to show up since he's so controversial. But I'm excited to see the game switch focus to the West again of course. Hoping for some more Central and South American servants too! 3nodding Saberface George Washington Plz

Hmm, give me a rundown of your ideas. I have so many OCs I can work with if you just give me a setting I can come up with something. ouob
Okami Tenrou Report | 07/05/2017 5:26 pm
Okami Tenrou
I just came back from AX! Man they had a ton of FGO stuff there, even the lanyards were FGO themed this year! I had some people try and fight me because they got the ugly Crunchyroll lanyards instead, gaaah. I'm only a little Asian girl how the heck am I supposed to defend myself from that? DX *hides behind pillars*

And maaaan, I come back and it really is Wu Zhetian! I burned through all 50 of my tickets and got nothing except NP 5 Nyanlanta ;n; grr! Scheherazade is a bit of a disappointment tho, I like her animation and artwork (LOL her ascensions become even THICCer) but I can't figure out what to do with her skills. We don't get that many king characters (and half of all kings are just Arturia in different clothes) on FGO anyways. As for the Dorodo Berserker I guess this is a huge hint Achilles is coming out soon? I mean he already made a cameo a looong time ago. Guess this means he's probably going to be a 5 star Rider too, wah!

Yes, I love those new animation updates! Herc's looks so epic now. I'm still waiting on the Sasaki update tho, best dragon slayer needs an animation update too! ;n;

And sure! I would absolutely love to, just PM me any ideas you have ouob
Okami Tenrou Report | 06/28/2017 9:16 pm
Okami Tenrou
Welcome! It was from the NicoNico livestream last night, they had Tsuruoka come in and act out a few scenes. I'm still waiting for someone to upload the part where Arash is going into battle and realized he had just been equipped with the K-scope. emotion_awesome

As for servants I really like loli assassin, but I somehow managed to roll Jack the Stripper on my main along with SEIBAA MHX. But holy if she really turns out to be Wu Zetian I don't know if I can control myself. The only one of the 7 classes I'm still missing a servant is a Caster (stupid Uncle Vlad spook when I was trying to roll Merlin) so I'm definitely going to drop a few tickets for THICC as well. Otherwise you're right, better save quartz for Swimtrunks Gil and Speedo Emiya ;A; LOL that new Zerker really gives Ushi a run for servant with the least amount of clothes. But that ST NP with only atk down doesn't sound that great compared to Herc or Ibaraki atm.
Okami Tenrou Report | 06/28/2017 2:12 pm
Okami Tenrou
Shh, but wanted to post this by Arash's voice actor hehe.

Also if you're still playing the JP version good luck rolling for big boobed Caster and loli Assassin tomorrow! ouob


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