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IRL Facts About Me:
> I'm a lady, my name is a lie.

> Indonesian of descent, Australian citizen.

> Panromantic Asexual. That flag isn't there for aesthetics.

> "How old are you?"

> Apparently an INTP.

>IRL Aspie with an actual doctor's diagnosis from an actual medical center. Also diabetic. Whoops.

> Interesting things: Various mythologies, weird Japanese things, the paranormal, maths, Pokemon, writing, Fire Emblem, Touhou Project, Megaten, obscure RPGs, horror-cute aesthetics, guro, H.P Lovecraft and other similar novelists, tiny birds, computer science, novels, novels that aren't based around romance or waste a good plot just for 'luvins', visual novels, books in general, steampunk, the (´・ω・`) emoticon, bak kut teh, video game OSTs, flowers, cold colours, useless trivia, (and probably other stuff too)....

>Can and will attack you with puns at any given moment.

> Chronic kaomoji overuser.(; ̄д ̄)

> Also a chronic procrastinator. (_ _。|||)

> I'm not the most courageous, and my self-esteem is about the same size as a hydrogen atom. I do however, like having friends.

>When referring to me, use the name Owen. When referring to my OCs, use their respective names in the signature.

Please enjoy this tune while you wait.

lol eyyyy it me

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Please bear the messiness, as I'm working to revamp this! ><;;
This section's pretty outdated! I'll update it soon! eventually. maybe.

Whoa what? You're on my profile? Well okay then.
I'm just a simple RPer with simple needs okay. My username is the name of my main Gaia character. Well, it used to, but people confusing the character with it's creator, so I changed it. whee

I usually use dark and troubling avatars, but I do create more light-hearted characters as well! Don't shy away because of how my characters act, I'm actually a really friendly user and I'm up on RP-ing or just chatting if that's your cup of tea with a buttered scone on expensive china. All my characters are in the same universe unless stated otherwise in their profile.

My current characters (PM me if you want me to RP as a specific character):
Amyntas: Third subject of the Retrospective Reincarnation Project, and Kyriaki's "twin brother". Having his emotions essentially neutralized (read: near outright removed) has made him a soldier who slaughters without remorse. However, he is usually docile and silent, only responding when ordered or talked to.

Delores Frandoll: Vampiric-demon tarot-reader and suave as ******** deadpan snarker with elaborate outfits and a PH.D in androgyny.
Endymion Stressed-out, pissed-off and overworked warden of Hell with a bitchin' hat.
Ikagaru-chan: Mahou Shoujo of squidiness. Now with 5% more squids! Also not a tentacle raep monster!
Kyriaki: A curious, quiet eldritch abomination who has a love for ice cream. While not as strong as her "brother", she's twice as mentally stable as Lysander.
Lysander: Warm-hearted with a half-rotted brain eldritch abomination who just wants friends and cats.
Philetheo: Used to be an angel, but is now a hermaphroditic fire salamander. Keeps the fire pits nice and toasty. Has a pet fire spirit.
Ringo:Anthropomorphic apple who literally cries, sweats and pisses apple juice and cider.
Satou Teiko: Just an ordinary genre-savvy high school student -reporter-postwoman. Has a weird obsession with squids and is the human form of Ikagaru-chan.
Shiori Honoka: a**-kicking sword-toting disciplinarian with a wide knowledge what is and isn't right in a school environment. She has no powers, but is skilled in wielding most types of weapons, allowing her to fight schoolyard disputes by day, and your run of the mill anime abominations by night.
Stella Salmhofer: An amnesiac, judgmental nun who had been cursed with the power of seeing the true self, damned by her own church. She's a recluse and occasionally dabbles in alchemy, mostly to ward off her...other self.
The Boy and The World's Stage Running On Clockwork:

Celeste: Record-keeper of the world's history and thirteenth reincarnation of the original one. Known (or rather, unknown) for his lack of noticability and horrible cycle of good and bad luck and his power over memories. Oh yeah, he's a boy. In a lineage filled with girls.
Clockwork Doll: A wind-up god doll who can grant any desire, no matter how illogical it may be. It is unknown what her true intentions for doing so are.
Tick-Tock Man: A border-controlling being existing in a parallel universe where someone in Celeste's lineage or the boy himself broke the curse. However, centuries of immortality have only caused him to lust for the embrace of death. He takes the appearance of the current incarnation of the lineage.

I'd like to thank all of my anons and gifters (especially TD&S, you stay awesome. >u< wink Even though I don't usual make threads about your deeds, your kindness has been well appreciated! (´・ω・`)

Umbreon background made by Cryptovolans.


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Petty Pizza Problemz Report | 10/19/2017 7:27 am
Petty Pizza Problemz
thank you for the gift & you're super kind words~! it means a lot to me <33
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 10/19/2017 12:32 am
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus
      UH --
      /SHIFTY EYES....

      shhhhh LMFAO......
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 10/16/2017 5:04 pm
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus
      OMG LMFAO I am always making the purple things
      u caught me LOL
Okami Tenrou Report | 10/16/2017 12:07 pm
Okami Tenrou
Thank you Owen, may your future be full of EX luck and 5star SSR servants as well! OAO7 *watches ProtoArthur repeatedly bakes and devours cakes in a neverending cycle*

Lol no worries, take your time! My boss is making me work triple shifts this week so it's going to take me a while to respond too ;n;
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 10/15/2017 11:59 pm
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus
      ok but crying over husbandos is the best kind of life LMFAO

      I'm doing fine hahaha just working and living and eating as usual XD
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus Report | 10/15/2017 10:00 pm
Kronprinz Schwarzhaus
      Aww, thanks UN! :'oD Long time no see!
      How have you been!
Okami Tenrou Report | 10/07/2017 2:01 pm
Okami Tenrou
99% of the time they're just glad the doctor cares enough to do a metabolism check. But of course if you keep poking someone repeatedly people start to get upset. I had to poke this woman 4 times the other day because she needed to be IDed for a blood transfusion + hemoglobin test, poor lady. She definitely wasn't happy but only tolerated it because her son was there and she didn't want to worry him. I did get told I look adorable by a few patients though, so I guess I have that going for me. xp

Yess, I actually like Suzuka more than Tamamo! She doesn't even have fox ears in her legend, she only gets them in Fate CC Fox Tail because she saw Tamamo have them and decided she wanted them too. XDDD; And congrats on being another lucky Gorgon owner! May snek waifu serve you well in destroying the increasing Ruler hoards and act as bait for when Perseus is released (although Medusa Lancer will always be my favorite orz). Yup, if you can get her crits going she gains NP really quickly. Problem is you need someone to generate stars, gaaah. We need more star gens who's name isn't Jack, I mean I love using her but the lack of pants always miffs me, esp in cold arenas. You're going to get sick child! OAO;;;

LOL I can't wait for the hidden valentines day ProtoArthur dialogue to be him making you a beautiful tower of chocolate, only to eat it himself. OuO Although this year now that I have almost every single Alter I'd imagine it'll just be them fighting over who can eat the most chocolate first before ending up in the infirmary. Dude, I would seriously whale for a Ruler Gilgamesh Bride. Pros if it continues the trend where he shows his abs. You know they should just make Gil the mascot of next year's White day! You know he'll do an amazing job with infinite chocolate works! =w=

Is 14 too old to be considered a loli? I mean they are still not fully developed... *is clonked*. DXXX All I know is she looks younger than Saber Lily (speaking of which, Emiya Lily when???) Actually I really want a Jason servant in the future. He would probably be a supportive Rider since his strength wasn't in fighting but in leading great heroes. Although how he manage to change back from a demonic tower of eyeballs is a completely different story. lol And what else would she put in her pancakes, besides love and maybe some poison? Sends you running straight to her for that Poison Resistance. lol

Hmm... double the D double the pain? It would also give Sherlock something to look at hehe. Elementary!!

That's pretty much where he gets a lot of his stuff now that I think about it. OuO

Okay sounds good! So in that case is it Celeste has hired Cy to assist him, despite the memory loss issue. So she's going to struggle between helping him and trying to piece together just what they are doing while Celeste tries to complete the homunculi and deal with her bad tempered unintentionally forgetful nature. DX So I guess this begs the question why does Celeste need a homunculi in the first place? And you can type it up whichever you prefer, I'll try to mirror it no matter what happens just so it gets less confusing. I'm actually pretty flexible when it comes to RPs OuOb
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/25/2017 9:03 pm
Okami Tenrou
Yup, I remember reading somewhere that sleep deprivation is bad for your heart and raises your risks of heart attacks and failures. eek So essentially I'm sacrificing my body for the betterment of everyone else in the hospital, eep! Actually tbh I'm fine working late nights, I'm usually more of a night owl than a morning birdie anyways. It's the going in and waking up the patients that scare me the most, like that wonderful moment the other week when this lady started cursing at everyone. First time I got called a "retarded bloodsucking demon." I haven't even drawn her blood yet, was just standing there waiting for the poor nurse to finish up first. sweatdrop

Ooh as the proud owner of a Suzuka she's really good with really fast NP gain thanks to her 3rd skill. Only problem is her NP hits like a paper bag and her 2nd skill is useless for most enemies. But she can get pretty good crits if you time it correctly. SAlter is still the better AOE 4star Saber. But Gorgon is amazing too, HNNNGG ASAKAWA YUU'S VOICE AND THAT FINAL ART! heart I like to give her the Gil and Enkidu totally not gay bromance CE and pair her up with a star gen servant. Although I do have such a weakness for Medusa Lily actually, I'm not usually a loli person but she is just so cute! ;n; Dat bond CE description, eep! But yeah, Gil Caster best bride! When will we get his exclusive bridal outfit complete with the veil and lace-trip dress? OuO

Hmm, I've always thought of Medea lily being around the same age as Kuro though, who is supposed to be around 10 and is as jailbait as it gets (with the exception of Jack, give the poor girl some pants). Saber Lily seems to be among the oldest of the lily characters now, with the rest just getting younger and younger... I ended up settling for Medea though since I really need a supportive Caster and infinite pancakes for the ever growing hoard of Alters. And to heal off the pain of not getting Merlin boo! Although for the question as to what Hero Creation does to men... I'd imagine it gives them double the er, manhood? I remember there was a Reddit post a while back about a guy with two male "appendages", so DD? mrgreen *gets smacked*

Gaaah nuuu spare me Dio Ozyyyyy!! Mudamudamudamudamuda!! Then again holy crap if sockless egyptian pharaoh finally came I would definitely be freaking out so bad. One more servant for my Prototype collection! OnO7

LOL hey modeling for those magazines sometimes nets you some really nice commissions. It could be a viable hobby when there isn't any jobs going around. OuO And sure, I can start! Got an initial setting/plot in mind? Or just wing it and see how it goes?
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/23/2017 5:42 pm
Okami Tenrou
So the past few weeks ended up being super fun for me. They were short on people so they ended up putting me on the night shift at the hospital (8pm-7am). Oh and the best part was I was the only one working that night. No one else was doing draws. So I would have to rush from room to room on my short stubby legs. Then I managed to catch the flu. =_= So by the time I had to go to jury duty I was coughing and shaking for 4 hours, it was awful. Thankfully they let us leave by 11, no court cases. Only lost time, yay! crying

Lol have you decided who you want for the free 4 star yet? I'm currently stuck between Wu Zetian and Medea Lily *is now on a list somewhere*. I was originally going to pick LAlter with big boobs but strangely no nipples but I got her from the Merlin gatcha. Merlin still eludes me though for the second year in a row, and no OG SAlter since the game first came out as well orz. I'm actually considering dropping more money for sex change wizard cause he's just so good. Also want to see how surprised he becomes when he meets Arthur and realizes he already has male parts heh. Although that got me thinking this means I better stock up on mahou shoujo bait for next year though... hmm... ninja

Srsly though have you seen Archer Helena's final art? Looks like someone's da bomb ;D Okay that was bad, but hey at least she's a good hands/doors farmer with her skills. LOL GETTING SPOOKED BY OZY, PLS DON'T JINX ME! You wouldn't believe how excited I was last year when rolling the Merlin gatcha and got the rainbow sparkles, then Uncle Vlad came out to bring my 5 star Berserker count to 3, all of them with ST NPs. gonk And I'm still aching over not getting Saber Fran + Bikini Mama. emo

Hehe why do I just imagine Stella slowly closing the door more and more as Kanata frantically keeps making deals after deals?

"Fifty dollars?"
"Sixty-five dollars, it's all I have!"
"Sixty five and a subway coupon!"
"My sworn oath to kill one person?"
"My undying dedication and loyalty?"
"I'll repent my sinful ways and step closer to the lord!"

Only to catch him with a bikini magazine a few days later. Pfft.
MidnightFusion Report | 09/04/2017 11:24 am
Ty for your purchase~ ^_^


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An amalgamation of various glitch Pokemon and other abnormalities in the game's code. It's front is a prototype protagonist dubbed "Protoko" who was scrapped early in development.

Encountering this glitch trainer will most likely corrupt your save, as their team consists of garbage data. Best not to fool around with the game in case you find them (or they find you).

They just want to be a main character again...


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