Please bear the messiness, as I'm working to revamp this! ><;;

]Whoa what? You're on my profile? Well okay then.
I'm just a simple RPer with simple needs okay. My username is the name of my main Gaia character. Well, it used to, but people confusing the character with it's creator, so I changed it. smilies/icon_whee.gif

I usually use dark and troubling avatars, but I do create more light-hearted characters as well! Don't shy away because of how my characters act, I'm actually a really friendly user and I'm up on RP-ing or just chatting if that's your cup of tea with a buttered scone on expensive china. All my characters are in the same universe unless stated otherwise in their profile.

My current characters (PM me if you want me to RP as a specific character):
Amyntas: Third subject of the Retrospective Reincarnation Project, and Kyriaki's "twin brother". Having his emotions essentially neutralized (read: near outright removed) has made him a soldier who slaughters without remorse. However, he is usually docile and silent, only responding when ordered or talked to.

Delores Frandoll: Vampiric-demon tarot-reader and suave as ******** deadpan snarker with elaborate outfits and a PH.D in androgyny.
Endymion Stressed-out, pissed-off and overworked warden of Hell with a bitchin' hat.
Ikagaru-chan: Mahou Shoujo of squidiness. Now with 5% more squids! Also not a tentacle raep monster!
Kyriaki: A curious, quiet eldritch abomination who has a love for ice cream. While not as strong as her "brother", she's twice as mentally stable as Lysander.
Lysander: Warm-hearted with a half-rotted brain eldritch abomination who just wants friends and cats.
Philetheo: Used to be an angel, but is now a hermaphroditic fire salamander. Keeps the fire pits nice and toasty. Has a pet fire spirit.
Ringo:Anthropomorphic apple who literally cries, sweats and pisses apple juice and cider.
Satou Teiko: Just an ordinary genre-savvy high school student -reporter-postwoman. Has a weird obsession with squids and is the human form of Ikagaru-chan.
Shiori Honoka: a**-kicking sword-toting disciplinarian with a wide knowledge what is and isn't right in a school environment. She has no powers, but is skilled in wielding most types of weapons, allowing her to fight schoolyard disputes by day, and your run of the mill anime abominations by night.
Stella Salmhofer: An amnesiac, judgmental nun who had been cursed with the power of seeing the true self, damned by her own church. She's a recluse and occasionally dabbles in alchemy, mostly to ward off her...other self.
The Boy and The World's Stage Running On Clockwork:

Celeste: Record-keeper of the world's history and thirteenth reincarnation of the original one. Known (or rather, unknown) for his lack of noticability and horrible cycle of good and bad luck and his power over memories. Oh yeah, he's a boy. In a lineage filled with girls.
Clockwork Doll: A wind-up god doll who can grant any desire, no matter how illogical it may be. It is unknown what her true intentions for doing so are.
Tick-Tock Man: A border-controlling being existing in a parallel universe where someone in Celeste's lineage or the boy himself broke the curse. However, centuries of immortality have only caused him to lust for the embrace of death. He takes the appearance of the current incarnation of the lineage.

IRL Facts About Me:
> Female, in both senses.

> Straight as a bamboo shoot.

> Indonesian of descent, Australian citizen, but people keep thinking I'm Japanese and/or have an American accent and it drives me insane. >n<

> I'm younger than you think.

> Apparently an INTP.

>IRL Aspie with an actual doctor's diagnosis from an actual medical center. Also type 1 diabetic since age 1 and suffers from colds around the clock. Ayup.

> Interested in Jungian psychology, Japanese mythology, mysteries, danmaku shooters, JRPGs and young adult novels that are NOT completely centered around romance or tricks you with a good plot only to reveal it's another boring sappy love story. And a lot more.

> Wide-Eyed Idealist is a trope I identify strongly with.

> I'm not the most courageous, nor do I have the highest self-esteem. I do however, like having friends. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

>When referring to me, use the name Owen. When referring to my OCs, use their respective names in the signature.

I would advise RPers to read this.
I'd like to thank all of my anons and gifters (especially TD&S, you stay awesome. >u<) Even though I don't usual make threads about your deeds, your kindness has been well appreciated! (´・ω・`)


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Avril Dizzy Ocho

Report | 05/16/2015 4:24 am

Avril Dizzy Ocho

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Report | 03/30/2015 6:52 pm


Oh! I like your new avi.
What are you up to?

Report | 03/28/2015 6:50 pm


I was at an anime day mini-convention earlier today, and I heard someone also say that Yukari was among their favorites.
My favorites are Kogasa and Wriggle.
Kogasa seems to be a very pleasant, silly person. I like such a quality!
Wriggle never seemed to get much love. Stage one bosses in general, really. I like her theme of character-- it's cute.

Report | 03/27/2015 2:08 pm


Very impressive!
Yes, Puppet Play is the GBA thing. I most certainly recommend it, the diversity of characters and typing is fun!
I'm doing well.
Might you have a favorite character? Flandre, perhaps?

Report | 03/26/2015 12:44 pm


I've played a little bit of EOSD and MOF. I can't say I'm a very hardcore player, but I have been a follower of the fandom for a while now. I love the community!
Touhou Puppet play has been fun!
How about you?

Report | 03/06/2015 12:02 pm


Nice Mew.

Mew used to be one of my favorite Pokemon.

Hope you're doing okay. :3 Talk to you later.
13th Misfortune Cookie

Report | 02/16/2015 2:48 am

13th Misfortune Cookie

You make the most interesting OCs, Owen! Keep the great work!
-Lady Tamunora-

Report | 02/07/2015 6:44 pm

-Lady Tamunora-

Thank you for the cute item, I love it!

Report | 02/07/2015 5:01 pm


Thanks for the purchase! yum_strawberry
Skadi Sundermount

Report | 01/21/2015 7:07 pm

Skadi Sundermount

ahahha! ill take that as a compliment!


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[And now let's turn to another world, and another tale...]
When Alice Liddell escaped from Wonderland, a fragment of her that yearned to remain in the mad land formed "Role", an enigmatic character who narrates all the stories that take place in Wonderland from behind the stage.

Role retains most of the original Alice's personality, however her assumption of Wonderland being a part of her dream isn't far off...