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Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/29

'Tis the merry life

Names Cat. Call me this or anything you want if I know you well.If I don't,call me Ami.I'm a fun loving FEMALE.I'm very loving towards my friends as well. My birthday's November 29th. And I'm Bi-Sexual and happy about it. ^.^ My twinny is Gaara_numba1.Mess with any other these people,I will personally find you and haunt your dreams until you die. Mmkay?

I love to roleplay.I love to do yaoi role plays. I'm a semi-lit roleplayer.Usually ranging from three to five.Usually three.Occasionally two.

Uhm....some random facts about me:
I'm super childish.
I'm weird.
I'm random.
I'm unique.
I dye my hair.
I'm an outcast.
I'm quiet around new people.
I'm shy.
Theres alot more..but i cant think of any right now.OH HERE ARE SOME OTHERS!

Animal: I love all animals really. But my favorite is a Tiger. :3
Color:Changes ever month. Currently it's black and neon/bright purple.
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas.
Song: Can't choose a favorite.
Band: Again,can't choose a favorite.
Hobby: Singing
Book: Uhm...The Vladimir Tod series.

What to know anything else? Ask my friends. Or ask me. I don't bite. Well,not that hard at least. :3



Hi, i'm Elli. I'm addicted to music. that is all.
Wanna help me get my dream avi? Donations are welcome! (Anything marked out , I already have.)

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