Hi , my name is Ceecee, what is yours ?

I'm 25 years old (pronounce as fossil) and quite a random person.
I love a lot of things.
I dislike very few things.

I have an amazing boyfriend, J.
He's the best thing that ever happened to me, the nicest and most epic guy one could ever imagine.
We've been together for over 3 years, and so far it's been the best time of my life.
We love to play videogames together, go visit cities or enjoy a nice walk in the park or in a hiking area. And yes, we enjoy candlelight dinner <3
He has ear lobe stretches and a tattoo. The nice kind to bring home smilies/icon_heart.gif

Now, I can seem like quite a chatterbox, pretty crazy too, but don't let that scare you. I'm a pretty nice person if you get to know me <3
Just don't get on my dislikes list. I'm a true b***h when you get on my bad side. A bit like a coin. But then with shiny happiness and cuddling all over it.

Other than that Ame is an artwhore and a craptastic artist , which means ...
I can be found most of the times in the Art Freebies!
It's like my second home. I meet the most fascinating giving and caring people there in various threads.
You people know I'm talking about you. Yes, you!

Lurk about and you'll usually find my whereabouts!

Lots of Love,



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chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 1:22 pm

chief im not alright

Yeah I totally understand where you're coming from, but I've actually spent quite a bit lately since I've sorta been enjoying the rat race again this time around. It keeps me a bit entertained, even if I do spent it all on friends >w<

Well thank you for stopping by to visit us, hope everything goes well for you while you're away~!
Don't be a stranger. <3
chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 12:43 pm

chief im not alright

Oh yeah I hear you, it's all about gaia cash and all that jazz nowadays.
But friends are really the only reason I'm gonna stick around this time.

It's healthy to relax every now and again, we can't go on forever. xP
chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 12:31 pm

chief im not alright

It seems like everyone's been ditching this place for months at a time. xp

Busy lives are busy, I suppose. lol

chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 12:22 pm

chief im not alright

Just been working away, trying to keep it simple. ^^

Came back around here 4 months ago from a 3year hiatus though. o:
chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 11:23 am

chief im not alright

Oh you've been up to your neck teaching. surprised
Glad to see you're keeping busy. whee
chief im not alright

Report | 10/21/2015 11:05 am

chief im not alright

Good to see you're alive. heart

Report | 10/18/2015 12:32 am


ammmmeee heart heart heart
I haven't been on here in forever but still wanted to say hello
miss ya, how are you doing?
Yui Tanaka

Report | 07/13/2015 10:35 pm

Yui Tanaka

~ Hello old friend.
chief im not alright

Report | 06/09/2015 12:55 am

chief im not alright

It's been a veeeeeeeerrry long time since we last spoke, but since I'm backl I just wanted to stop by and say hello. smile
-Sweet Shiori-

Report | 09/20/2014 11:52 pm

-Sweet Shiori-

Would you like to buy my art? heart
Saw your siggy~