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The bae
Puerto Rican, for the most part.
Well employed.
Graphic design/ Marketing student
Make-Up enthusiast.
Hipster trash.
AFK queen.
Very Introverted.
Profile coder.
Typical Scorpio.
Tarot card reader.
Crazed cat lady.
Not Toast > you.
Namaste, bitches.

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Eerie Echo on 02/27/2015
I pee on noobs on 02/26/2015
Buy my thongs on 02/26/2015
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Semi-Kawaii Otaku on 02/18/2015
x illegal on 02/17/2015
ZeroBeats on 02/17/2015
I pee on girls on 02/17/2015

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Wise words from a n***a.