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Amaya- Night Rain, i have always loved the rain. Being in the rain and being near the bodies of water that the rain has created are also things i adore. Also it has been said that i am a child of the night- since i was born i did not sleep at night and am still active mainly at night, when life allows.

You may call me Amaya or Rain, whichever you prefer.

if you would like to know more about me please ask, for i know not what to write about myself.

if you wish to add me please do so, however i must say that i am quite shy which has prevented people from befriending me in the past.

thank you for visiting me.

^o^ -Amaya


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Mother Birthday Report | 07/10/2011 10:00 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image 07-11-11
Edge death in darkness Report | 07/08/2011 9:23 am
Edge death in darkness
Happy B-days hehehehe xp
Niqqa Leqit Report | 07/01/2011 10:32 am
Niqqa Leqit
Anytime. biggrin Thanks for selling.
Edge death in darkness Report | 06/02/2011 6:36 pm
Edge death in darkness
hello xp how you been its been a really really long time xp
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 11/11/2010 10:48 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
I am doing unusually well. Kinda just waiting for the down that is bound to follow this high.
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 11/11/2010 8:50 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
Hello! It's been awhile :]
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 09/06/2010 7:01 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
No, not this time. Most of the trees That are that close we trim off and dead branches and what not.
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 09/06/2010 6:38 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
Lol, it's okay. And the weather here is unpredictable as well. 2 days ago it was so windy that one of the trees near my house fell over. the next day it was super calm and warm. Today it's pleasantly chilly razz
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 09/02/2010 9:28 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
Well then you would probably like it here in Montana. It snows all the time. And I'm getting a nice cool breeze coming in through the window.
Der Uhrwerkdoktor Report | 09/02/2010 8:18 pm
Der Uhrwerkdoktor
I cannot stand the heat either. 40 degrees is a comfortable temperature for me.

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