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Thank you so much for visiting. I'm Amaya le Fae.
Formally known as Casual Insanity or Emiko Hashima.
I draw in a cartoon style and I'm trying to move away from anime.
My goal is to be an animator or concept artist for Disney.
The anthro art was originally to get out of an artblock but now people pay me for it.
I've been doing for-pay art since 2009 trying to make fulltime income.
Bohemian, hippie or indie culture is where I seem to have found myself now.
I've also met an local Lolita Comm and I am looking to merge the genres.
I love new friends and I've recently become more active in communities.
I really really want to learn to use hoops, staffs and poi!!

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Lou + • Zack
Amaya • Anne • Aridaka • Ariel • Dakota
Emiko • Enji • Hachi • Intonami • June • Ketei
Kimi • Leo • Posion • Mimi • Nana • Nii
Opal • Saber • Sangue • Turq

Trades/Requests are chosen carefully.
Do not be offended when I say no.
It usually has to do with time management.

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Mini Chequer (Puffed Shorts (Above Shirts))
Golden Sparkles
Padmavati's Lotus (Talwar)
Les Freaks (Polaire)
Boundless Gaze (Up in the Air)
The Nightmare (Vest of Valda the Marvelous)
Oolong Wonder (Gloves)
Black Sheep (Curly Horns)
The Watchmaker (Watch's Final Form)
Compass of Seidh (Owner's Leggings)
Wed to Darkness (Black Tail)
Firefly's Flame (Dancing Shoes)
SDPlus #287 Severin (Small Gold Pile)
Vivacenote (Head Pin)
Little Lucie (Cameo Shoe Clips)
Tale of Clarion (Crescent Sky)
Tink's Jealousy
November Dark Mythrill Halo
Secret Retreat (Gold Chain)
Golden Laurels

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Human B Potion
Chuu Eyes Green
Girl's Cutsie Curls Brown (Dark)
SDPlus Special #013 Bedtime Ivan (Sleepy Blush)
Azure Starset (Eye Shadow)
Masquerade (Shadow Mascara)
Default Mouth 4
Madame Gypsy (Skirt)
Madame Gypsy (Blouse)
TM (Time Piece) (Corset)
Spring Nymph (Bark Corset)
Yemaya's Pearl (Crown)
Gift of the Goddess (Athena's Enlightened Laurel)
Aquatica (Sea Jewels)
Leafy Tavern Wench's Cincher
Green Bubble Sandals
Noel's Gift (Golden Leaves)
The Sandman (Dusted)
Galileo's Observatory (Hanging Armillary)
I am Sparkly (I am Gold)
I am Sparkly (Gold)
Galaxy Twinkle
Gogh Reed (Chrysalis Crystal)
Angelic Pendant

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Rosey 7Z

Report | 05/20/2008 10:43 am

Rosey 7Z

hey, whats up
Rosey 7Z

Report | 04/19/2008 9:31 pm

Rosey 7Z

thanks for being my friend
Rosey 7Z

Report | 04/14/2008 6:38 pm

Rosey 7Z

hey i am midnighroses friend i can see you like foxes i like them to. if you want to b friends just say.


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