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Full name: - Tokugawa Amaterasu
Gender: - Female
Species/Race: – Elf/Demon
Birth Date: - July 18th, 1642
Death Date: - August 12, 1666
Appeared Age: 24


Height: - 5'7
Weight: - 145lbs
Build: - Thin waist, larger breasts (DD-Cups), and large, child-beared hips.
Eye Color: - Blue
Hair Color: - Dark Blue
Handedness: - Left
Skin Shade/Color: - Pale
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - Small, almost translucent scars on back; No more than 1 inch long, but several all over her. Ears also pierced, though hardly wears earrings.


Daughter of Tokugawa shōgun, Tokugawa Lemitsu, and elvish mother. Born in the year of 1642. Died shortly after her 24th birthday. Was at the time, preparing for her death sentence due to her lack of control of sexual urges, making her unable to marry. Died waiting for her death sentence to be taken through because of complications due to venereal diseases.