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Last Login: 10/02/2015 5:55 pm

Registered: 01/20/2005

Gender: Female

Location: everywhere, watching you, mainly the sky

Birthday: 08/02

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Posts per Day: 14.36

Total Posts: 56144

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Animal Names

Mochi- Atsaha
Gwee- Elliott (Pete's Dragon)
Coco- Bagheera (Jungle Book)
Kiki- Kilala (Inuyasha)
Goti- Djali (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Holiday Cardinal- Stryk Redkite (Redwall)
Fallen Wish- Falkor (Never Ending Story)
Starmony- Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)
Smok- Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Nomy- Eeeee (Flushed Away)
Grey Werewolf- Aleu [size=8(Balto 2)[/size]

Twister will be Fawkes (Harry Potter) // Kitten Star will be Oliver (Oliver & Company) // North Star Kitten will be Duchess (Aristocats) // Mwee will be Toothless (How to Train your Dragon) // Nochi will be Balto (Balto) // Jet will be Berlioz (Aristocats) // Arion will be Pegasus (Hercules)



About me

My name is Am_I_God. I usually go by God or Ami. I live in the US. I am 21. I've been on Gaia since January 2005. I'm pretty open, so feel free to ask me if there's something you want to know :]

Favorite sports: Soccer, pickelball
Favorite books: the Mediator series, the Uglies series, anything by James Patterson, Harry Potter series,
Favorite TV shows: Firefly, Grimm, Outnumbered, The Office, Lie to Me, Lost, XFiles, Star Trek, House, Fraiser
Favorite movies: Back to the Future series, Short Cicuit,
Favorite bands: Nickelback, Savage Garden, Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, Carrie Underwood, Click Five, Daughtry, Hoobastank, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Nick Lachey, Adelle, Russell Watson, Yellowcard, Phil Collins, Taylor Swift
Hobbies: photography (DA), writing


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Felina75 Report | 07/31/2015 3:06 pm
I hope you will have a wonderful birthday on 8/2/2015, Ami! heart
Shanra the Dragon Bard Report | 01/31/2015 4:46 am
Good luck with your move, and your thesis sounds interesting.
Shanra the Dragon Bard Report | 01/30/2015 5:23 pm
AWWWWW! Have you set a date for the wedding? And what is your thesis on?
I'm just working a lot, so not as much time to spend here. Wish that weren't the case though.
Shanra the Dragon Bard Report | 01/27/2015 8:25 pm
How you been Ami? Haven't seen you in a while.
Kayi Eto Report | 12/25/2014 1:33 pm
Merry Christmas! Even if you aren't on much, I wish you'd let me gift you.... xp
Misaki the Cute Report | 12/25/2014 4:58 am
Merry XMAS!!! Thank you so so so so so much for everything!!!
I was so glad when I read the full message that you aren't quitting /sweat
If you need any help questing for other people or anything let me know at least I can help out that way MWAz
Lost_Angel_Kairi Report | 12/22/2014 8:51 pm
Thank you for the gift!
Felina75 Report | 07/30/2014 7:14 am
I see that you're going to have a something happen in 3 days. I thought I would drop by to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Maybe you can do something special that day.
Felina75 Report | 01/26/2014 10:21 am
Thank you. heart heart heart
SeXySpAzZy Report | 01/25/2014 11:21 pm
long time no see hun ! wow you look great! idk if you remember me anymore