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I have a lot on names, but you can call me Alyss, it's cool cx anyway I think I'm prettycheerful, I try to stay upbeat as best I can. If you can't tell I'm a big homestuck fan, I love almost all the characters, minus Terezi. I'm really sorry TZ fans I just don't like her xc I'm basically turning nocturnal now that it's summer and I'm up all night, but I go to sleep around 4:30 in the morning and wake up at 11:30. I basically just explore the internet, and watch movies all night. I love animated movies, romcoms, and the occasional horror film but I get scared really easily so I can't watch them as often as I want. If you wanna know more just drop a pm, I'm off and on sporadically so I may not respond right away, but I will when I can cx Now to end with my favorite quote; 'THOUGH THEY MAY NOT HAVE LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEM, ALL PRAYING MANTIS LOOK LIKE SOMETHING THAT WOULD PLOP OUT OF A NIGHTMARE THAT FARTED TOO AGGRESSIVELY' ((or something like that ; u; ))
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan
Roxas Kitsune
Will O Whims
Rowan Kaii
Alix The Wolf
Tsubaki The Werewolf
 ll Ranma ll
Luna Furia
The Crazy Cripple
Alyss the Okami

This person is a good friend, even though we've drifted. Please don't mess with him.

Main people who can stand my insanity ._.

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He a cutie x3

I be dis chicks BFF >w>

I Miss these guys.