Hello there! I am Anna. *curtsies* I am 24 years young, although my mind makes it seem as though I am in my 40's. I am very intelligent, witty, compassionate, creative and overall wise. My lovely Husband and I have been married since November 8th, 2012. We do not have any human children as of yet, however, we do have a couple of furry children.
Gabriella Nicole is the light of my life. She is an all black (some gray from age) yorkie-poo who was born August 14, 2004 and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Clawdia Lynn is a tabby cat whom we adopted from the Humane Society when she was a little over a year old. She is a little over two years old now. We love our animals as we would our own children.
I am a very open person. I do not feel as I should hold back considering if you don't like me for my past than you cannot accept me for the person I am today and I would not want to be friends with someone like that. I don't have many friends for this very reason and I have always been perfectly content with that. I am very friendly though, so if you would like a new friend, feel free to message me.
My Husband is KoalaClaws if you would like to add him/message him as well. There is nothing I will not share with my Husband. Please be respectful to both of us or we will report you.
I also have an art shop opened up finally. Post on HERE if you would like some cute avatar art! Have a wonderful day!


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I dunno. I guess at the time I just thought it was a good idea to sell it. But now I want it back, so instead of buying it, I thought a quest thread would be more fun. xd
There are a lot of people that like to help others out, but they are usually not looking for people with threads, they are usually part of a charity or something. So I just have to keep bumping my thread and get people to talk on it so that others are able to see it. and I know that there are a lot of people our there that want art made for them, I think the hard part is just the constant advertising that you have to do to let people out there know that you are making art. Mainly cause there are soo many people out there doing it so you got to advertise more than they do to be seen. Or something like that.

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Yeah, the guilds are nice. Though the one that I joined it just starting out, so they are still recruiting people and everything.
I had the white body dye a long time ago, but I sold it, so I thought it would be fun to try to create it and quest for it again. I am doing pretty good for only being open a few days. And its fun to meet new people that happen to stop by the quest thread. xd

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Oh Sorry. I meant. Guilds and Quests on Gaia.
I joined a charity guild and started a Quest thread. I'm trying to get the white body dye which is a lot of gold. So I am trying to gather inks and bugs and such to make a white body dye instead. xd
Does that make sense? Or did it just sound better in my head? Lol.

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Hiii Anna. I am doing great. Keeping busy with guilds and quests and what not. TeeHee.
How are you doing? Getting into any trouble over there? wink

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Awww. That's sad that you don't get on as much. But I guess I have kinda been the same way. Been really busy with everything lately.
But at least you are having fun with WoW. Believe it or not I have actually never played. Come to think of it, I haven't really played many video games lately. Not since Skyrim. I've just been too busy to get on and play. And or course its not like you can just play for an hour. I would need to devote real time into it. Lolz.
And why do you not celebrate the 4th? Any time when you can watch a good free fireworks show and laugh and have fun. It sounds like a party too me. xd
My 4th was good. Friends and fam over to BBQ at my house. Then fireworks after. I couldn't stay up too too long though, just til midnight, cause then I had to leave at 3 am to head to LA for the anime expo. It was all fun. xd

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How are you doing?
I haven't seen you in a while.
Did you have a nice 4th of July?

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Dragons Crown? Is it any good? Multiplayer? RPG? HeHe.
I am doing good. Just on here for a bit playing around then I gotta run.
Just saw you on, though you are hiding. TeeHee.

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Hi Anna,
Long time no seeee.
How are you doing??

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thankyou very much for buying

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Ohh. Do you ever play some games with him? Or does he just play the games and you do other things?