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My name is B********

My birthday is on February 17th

I lived in America but I split my time between my childhood home of Cardiff Wales and the states. I am currently in the UK with no plans to return at the moment.

I have an accent.

I'm bi. I like women and some men (None of which are you... sorry kiddies)

An avid Rper if the story line catches my interests.

Super huge fan of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter. Seriously.

A gamer/ mostly RPGs

My five favorite games are Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

I have most all systems except Xbox 360. Had one but it RROD on me so I decided to not buy a new one.

I hate Halo with a passion, but will watch Red vs Blue.
I have a dislike of Elitists and of Noob haters. Everyone was a noob at one point.

I have a like of anime, mostly Mech anime such as the Gundam series. Of which my favorite series is Gundam Wing.

I used to like Naruto but the obnoxious fan girls ruined it for me.
I am slowly losing interest in Bleach for the same above reason, however my favorite character is Uryu Ishida.
I like to draw and can do avi art for a price. I can be pmed for samples.
I dislike cats, but I don't mind making my avatar dress like one.
I have blue eyes and wear glasses. On occasion I wear contacts.
At the moment my hair is permanently snow white

I have over 10,000 manga, doujinshi and light novels and I've read every one of them.
I enjoy Vocaloid. All except Miku Hatsune and Rin Kagamine. My all time favorite Vocaloid is Kaito, as seen at the top of the profile.
I have a job.
I did attend college.
I was in the military.
I do donate when I am not questing.
I get ill quite often.
I am blind in my left eye.

I'm an avid RPer in the Semi-lit to Lit range. I wont go writing mini novellas but I will carry a decent story as long as there is enough for me to go on. I adjust to everyone else around me as I RP. I do a variety of different topics and story lines. However, I will not do incest, rape or any of the other ToS breaking things. I do not cyber, never have never will.

I make friends with people who show me they have intelligence and can spell the most basic words like "what" and so on.

I'm nice but I can be mean when needed. I'm a sarcastic jerk sometimes as well. Mostly when I'm in towns. I apologize to the ones that I am rude to, unless you deserve it.

Yes I can be rude. Don't like it then put me on ignore, it will only mean I won. I'm not rude most of the time, but with the elitist and the noob haters someone has to be the balance of the world here. However cross me or attempt to argue with me like a little moron and you will find a different person talking to you, a not so nice one. And for all of you with the god awful post styles, tone it the hell down. No one gives a crap about your attention whoring.

I ignore people who post in yellow, pink, green or gray, mainly those who post in pastels. I have bad eye sight and I'm not going to struggle to read your posts no matter how important they may seem.

I apologize to those who leave comments. I rarely ever answer back, since I prefer private messages more.


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Eevee Kins
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Oh wow! A double purchase?! Thank you very much for your patronage!
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thankes for buying heart i love ur avi whee
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Charlie the OG
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The Last Prototype
thanks for buying mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
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zOMG Justin
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