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- I'm a casual gamer. This apparently means that I'm worse than approximately five Satans for enjoying Skyrim.

- I'm a Southerner. Georgia, born and raised.

- My religion? Talos. I win forever at religion by default. If you are associated with the Aldmeri Dominion, then please kindly go get eaten by a grizzly bear. Thanks.

- I don't like legumes. Or babies.

- Have I complimented you, today? I dare say that whatever you're doing with your hair is absolutely fabulous.

- I'm really easy-going. Don't act like an a*****e to me or pester me, and we'll get along.

- I'm a bit of a regular in Heaven. You also might see me in the GCD from time to time.

- I love the s**t outta furries. You bastards are adorable.

- I fight live grizzly bears for a living. I drew this for you, because I love you.

- Some people have compared me to a skinnier Larry the Cable Guy. This is a falsehood, as I more greatly resemble Bruce Campbell circa Army of Darkness, with my rugged facial features, washboard abs of steel, and affinity for mounting power tools onto my limbs.



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OCs! Woo!

Here's all my fuzzy peoples. They like pets. So pet them, goddammit. Oh, and they bite.


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Rhea Byrne Report | 05/15/2015 5:52 pm
Rhea Byrne
Oh wow, thank you so much!
Akira Sakamaki Report | 05/03/2015 11:20 pm
Akira Sakamaki
Thank you for buying~! 4laugh
Gemini StarCharm Report | 04/28/2015 12:19 pm
Gemini StarCharm
Your purpleness makes me extra happy.
The fact that you're all fuzzy wuzzy is a bonus.
Bluevamp7275 Report | 04/16/2015 9:13 pm
thank u for buying from my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_smile
IosefKoranison Report | 04/07/2015 6:15 pm
Actually it really helped me out a lot. But I meant that it made me feel almost nothing, like it numbed my emotions. Which was awful once I realized it. But I've tried countless medications since I was 12. I've been on two for years, but I stopped taking the one because of the aforementioned numbing of emotion. I often wonder what I would be like if I wasn't on anything at all.
IosefKoranison Report | 04/07/2015 3:28 pm
That sounds more like a "hey man I've been there too" than downplaying me. Thanks. Yeah I only see a counselor once a month. That's all we can afford, stupid insurance.
Yeah I'm thinking of going back on the medication I was on before. I have no problem taking medications, but I stopped the one I was on because it made me feel almost nothing. So I might try a lower dose.
IosefKoranison Report | 04/06/2015 11:22 pm
You can turn anything into an insult if you use it the right way, especially if enough people start doing it. And sometimes people don't mean for things to be offensive or upsetting, but it still is. If someone tells me I did something that was offensive or upsetting to them, I apologize, try to learn from it and move on. And I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. A lot of times people just don't realize they've said something wrong.

Yeah, it used to be talking to people online helped take the place of face to face interaction. But things happened that made me avoid people some, and then I felt guilty. So that made me avoid people even more, which means more guilt as well as anxiety. Plus I always feel like I'm going to be annoying people if I talk to them. Poisoned whispers like "you're saying too much" "you're going to do something stupid" "they don't really care they're just being polite". I used to be able to ignore it, but it's a lot harder now.
IosefKoranison Report | 04/06/2015 10:41 pm
Yeah I think most people just use it for foolishness. But I have seen people use it in an insulting way, just not often. That's the problem with tumblr, there are things people get angry about that are legitimately bad, and things that aren't, and things that it's hard to tell if they're bad or not. And some people don't handle it right. So tumblr gets this reputation for being radical psychotic and hateful. And I just sit in my little corner looking at cool pictures.

Eh, not really. I mean I still function in a day to day capacity. I can go work out or do other things I need to do. I can even enjoy things. But every time I think "oh you should talk to -person-" I get anxious and never do it.
IosefKoranison Report | 04/06/2015 10:18 pm
I can kind of understand why some people might get upset about derp. There are some people who use it in a similar way as the "i can count to potato" meme. Which is making fun of people with things like down syndrome. And that's awful. But for me derp is just like momentary stupidity that everybody has. Or silliness, or both? Not everything has to be offensive even if a lot of things are. Ugh.

Ehh, depression. Working out twice a week and catching up on all the shows on my list. Not much else.
IosefKoranison Report | 04/06/2015 10:04 pm
Yeah it's unfortunate how many awful people there are on tumblr. It's a really awesome website if you just ignore the radicals and idiots. Kind of like Gaia I suppose. Good to see you, too.




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